The Pantied Cuckold

The Pantied Cuckold

Diminishing masculinity is at the root of submission for a cuckold. There are many ways to extend or exercise that emasculation – preventing your boy from wearing masculine underwear can be a very effective one.

petite-pantiedPanty wearing, among cuckolds, is most often associated with mouse-hung cuckolds – males whose equipment will actually fit into a woman’s panties without simply falling out as in the example above. Clearly his wife is in much need of the full sized cock of her lover.

Requiring a husband blessed with a dicklet to forego mens’ underwear in favor of panties serves to capitalize on his submission by not only giving him a physical symbol of his submission, but also makes it a visible, tangible expression others can appreciate.

I want to be clear about this: Don’t confuse this topic with cross-dressing or feminization. Feminization refers to a much more in-depth use of female clothing and behavior modifications. A cross-dresser is almost always a straight male who, for whatever reason, gets a thrill from dressing as a woman. This behavior may start with bit of lingerie including panties or pantyhose, but then progresses into outerwear as well.

I’m talking about having your outwardly masculine yet, privately cuckolded husband having to wear only panties of your choosing as his only option for underwear. This reminder of his status and lifestyle then reminds him constantly of not only his submission to you/your Dom, but of his failings or abdications of rights as a man and husband.

pantied-penisFor some couples, the journey to cuckolding begins first with an exploration of the husband’s submission. Being that male ego is so closely tied to his genitals, they are the most effective path to his submission. Panties are such an outwardly physical sign of femininity that they have long been used to reflect shame on men by implying they’re wearing them when one chooses to criticize a male for less than masculine behavior. The natural thing, then, to deepen a male’s submission is to actually panty him.

Most pantied cuckolds may begin this experience having their penis pantied at home or during specific play periods, but will eventually transition to panties as their only form of underwear. As the cuckold’s submission becomes a more open aspect of the marriage, most women, even the very dominant ones, find they miss masculine companionship and the idea of taking a lover to enjoy a traditional sexual role becomes very attractive. This is especially true since it also serves to deepen the cuckold’s submission.

Other forms of asserting control over a male include forms of cock and ball torment, teasing and denial as well as bondage specific to his genitals.

A cuckold’s attention, particularly when his wife has a male guest, should always be focused on his wife and not on himself. Simply having your cuckold pantied in front of your lover isn’t going to keep your cuckold focused on you. You’ll still find him rubbing himself through his panties to enjoy the sensation or worse, you’ll see his hand inside the panties, stroking himself which is clearly much more about himself than his wife’s needs at the moment.

Take control of the cuckold’s penis

This is where chastity is effective. Enforced male chastity using any one of a number of devices to not only restrict him from masturbating himself, but even preventing the most basic of male freedoms: the erection. This provides full control of the cuckold’s penis for the wife, ensuring that the cuckold’s full attention is where it belongs. Some may choose to combine the two as the couple who submitted the pictures below does.

“Beth” and her husband have been living a Femdom lifestyle for some time now, she tells me. In the image to the left, you will see her cuckold both pantied and restrained. This is his ‘uniform’ while attending her while she entertains male guests.

Her husband was originally pantied as an expression of his submission and was already used to wearing them before Beth first began enjoying expressing her dominance by having her husband stand by and bear witness to her intimate couplings with another man. It became very clear, early on, that her cuckold had difficulty focusing on his service to his Mistress and instead rubbed himself rather unapologetically.

This has since been resolved with the use of a nice CB-3000 device which attaches around the base of the testicles and forces the penis into a clear acrylic tube with only a slit at the end for the cuckold to pee through. This slit also allows the expression of cuckold tears, the pre-cum developed by the cuckold’s excited penis despite being restricted from growing into an erection. Beth confirms that her cuckold cries considerable cuckold tears for her while restrained and bearing witness to her couplings.

You’ll also notice he’s been shaved smooth. This is something I wholeheartedly recommend for all cuckolds whether pantied or not. It’s essential for those cuckolds who are having their boy parts restrained for their own good, but is also highly recommended for pantied husbands since it just doesn’t make much sense to have man-hair in panties, does it? It also serves as an increased measure of contrast between a man in the marriage and the boy in the marriage.

Another recommendation is to consider having your cuckold slip on a non-lubed condom before pantying him in preparation for any play where you can expect him to spend extended periods erect for you. You could also use a woman’s sanitary pad, as they say, in his panties, to catch his cuckold tears as Beth does with her cuckold.

When the cuckold is naked, as I prefer, it’s easy to train the cuckold or his wife, to wipe the cuckold tears from his penis with a finger licked clean in his own mouth before the cuckold makes a mess, but when the wife is busy pleasuring another man’s cock and the cuckold is wearing frilly panties, it becomes quite unattractive to see pretty panties all soaked with cuckold’s tears.

My thanks to Beth and her cuckold for their contributions to this article.


  1. We are fairly new to this lifestyle, I have roleplayed with my hubby in a cuckold mannor and always turned me on by it. I love to be the dominanat in that relationship and I have had my hubby wear panties for me and have him use a large black dildo on me as I tell him how much bigger it is than he is. I love to tease him in the panties and he has learned to accept this and even play with himself for me as I get pleasured. I am learning more about this lifestyle and it really excites me. I am pushing my hubby to be a cuckold and bring in an occasional lover to start and then have a dominant male for more regular play. Thank you for this article, I am going to by my hubby some of his own panties he keeps in his underwear drawer and look for the chastity device too. I love the control. Thank you

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the article. It’s very encouraging that you both made it this far on your own. That demonstrates that you have the bond and communication necessary for a healthy, enjoyable cuckolding marriage. I’d love to see you post in the discussion forum about your progress or if you have questions and would like some feedback.

    • Hi Donna

      You sound like a strong, fun wife. I have a very strong feminine side and can be quite submissive when with the right womam. I have a couple of women friends that have a wonderful time dressing me up in there lingerie and encouraging me to warm up there lovers for them and I’ll tell you this, it’s truely a huge turn on for me to be there submissive “Sissy” male and there lovers really get a kick out of me stroking and sucking there cocks before and after they have sex with these fun, strong women. So buy him some cute things and see if he welcomes and embraces his feminine side. All males have a femine side and im fine with mine and you may not notice it if you saw me }:o)

      Dennis/Denise };o)

  2. one thing that really struck home is: reminds him constantly of not only his submission to you/your Dom, but of his failings or abdications of rights as a man and husband.

    How true

    • @doctoryes48. I think you hit the nail right on the head. Part of cuckolding is the cuck submitting to both the Dom/Bull and his wife as well as abdication of rights as a man and husband.

  3. I was really excited to read this article and want to follow up but wife seems scared to take real 1st step

  4. This really touched on the powerful emotional aspects of panty-submission. It is all at once extremely emasculating, a constant non-sexual reinforcement of the cuck/subs status, and carries an ever present fear of having this revealed to others.

    Before we started to play with the cuck scene, my wife would occasionally make me “earn” sex with her. This usually consisted of me waiting until the kids went to bed and then throughly cleaning the kitchen while only wearing the panties she had selected for me.

    My wife no longer is interested in cuck/hotwife or even Dom/sub play so I have on occasion pursued my submissive tendancies with others. My wife prohibits me for being with other women but allows me to serve Dominant Males. As a punishment for a lack of attention, a recent Dom made me wear panties to work for a solid week. The humiliation, and fear that someone at the office would notice, was extreme but I after the initial fear/excitement wore off I noticed a comfort level of acceptance of my submission. I could never really escape the knowledge of how submissive I was and after a while it just felt right.

    Powerful stuff!

  5. I think when I become a cuckold, it will be very difficult to embrace the idea of chastity because I will want to completely enjoy watching my woman take another man and I don’t know that I can do that when locked up. While I’m not new to wearing panties, I think it’ll be tough for my to accept chastity.

    • How a wife, or her Dom choose to restrain their cuckold’s penis can vary a lot. Your wife might not even desire having your penis restrained at all, but if she does, there’s no real rule about how, how often or for how long your penis should be taken from being under your control. This makes the process of breaking you in much easier over time. I think that despite your anxiety, part of you not only expects this form of discipline, but feels it’s deserved.

  6. A cuck must be pantied. This shows that he has resigned as a sexually active male. it also shows his tribute to the superior female so being pantied is both a sign of emasculation and regard for his wife. A cuck has very litle to offer-being properly pantied is one thing he can offer to the loving couple.

    • I totally agree. My photo is the one in another post (Pantied & Restrained) – I must wear panties and she choses which kind. From nuetral to feminine depending on her mood. It is deeply humiliating especially since I am caged and also must sit to pee.

      So I am resigned and emasculated. I am very underendowed, so she is not missing much.

      • I also am very underendowed.She panties me when we go out and she wants me on my best behaviour.She says my tiny penis looks more natural in panties than jockies.So i have a drawer full which we have shopped for together.It just feels sooo right!

  7. I have a good collection of panties too. Must have a sufficient range for most occasions, stockings and tights too

  8. my fiance enjoys pantying me as part of our play in this lifestyle. and yes i fit just fine in women’s panties,but she wanted to add to my wardrobe. as we were shopping she found a store online that caters to lingerie wearing males. its called and has some great items that are comfortable and reflective of our role, whether just relaxing for an evening in with her or it could prob be considered appropriate attire to wear when watching her with man. i can say alot of their stuff is tasteful, good quality, and comfortable.

  9. Luvr is right as usual. As a cuck, I feel that wearing panties is something that I deserve as a form of discipline to recognise my emasculated status.It reminds me that I am no longer a real man and hubby in name only. I am totally broken in and nothing is more natural than to greet her lover in my pink panties.He always makes a comment when he sees me wearing them, “Sue’s panties look really good on you!”

  10. There can be more to panties than just having the cuckold wear them. The panties are, in a way, guarding the most sacred place of a woman. Perhaps they are kind of like the last-line of defense. And for sure they get close to the female. Before I desired to surrender to cuckolding, I was always appreciative of my wife’s panties. I love removing them from her. And I enjoyed going to the store with her and buying them. Early in our marriage we were in Bloomingdales and my wife was trying on a dress. She looked so good in her panties and heels and bra. I told my wife that I would love another man to see her like this. She agreed. As she changed from dress to dress with the dressing room door open. I loved that men were trying to view my wife. I would get so excited. When we got home, her panties were wet, and I’d take them off. I had a really stong desire to smell the lacy panties. They were black and so sexy. I loved their wetness. I was so intrigued by my wife’s panties. Upon smelling them, I got the added desire to lick and kiss the panties. And I did. It was something so powerful and very embarrassing. This turned into something very regular. Soon she would ask me “do you want to make love to my panties?”………….. “do you want to kiss my panties?????” After some time this also extended to her bras. I would kiss them, and lick them, after her bra came off. I know she told at least one girlfriend about this. And I was so overcome with embarrassement when I saw her friend. Within a year and a half, I had my first cuckold experience. During one encounter we were with a guy (I mean she was with a guy) who was a much younger man, and he was also a much larger man than me. His penis was huge. And so was my jealousy of him. We had met him at a party. And I saw their attraction to one another. He sat down next to my wife, I was on the other side of her. The 3 of us spoke. She had on a very sexy and classic black dress and heels. I could easily see that he loved her legs. The 3 of us were speaking of art and what made a piece of art worth lots and lots of money. Our new found friend, Steve, said that different people become interested in something; while others have no interest in it whatsoever. And I said that it (art or whatever) is worth whatever someone will pay for it. And then my wife said “my husband loves my panties, some men are nuts for panties”. I was so embarrassed. Steve said that panties were sexy and that he liked seeing a female wear them too. My wife said “you don’t understand he goes nuts for my panties, he licks them, smells them and kisses them”. Steve somehow enjoyed hearing this secret about me. And he boldly said “I think I need to see these panties and judge for myself”. My wife then, very carefully pulling her dress up futher than where it already was at her thighs, and she then opened her legs, and then brought her dress up more, and now Steve was seeing her panties. I too saw them. And I was very excited that another man saw her panties. To cut to the chase, my wife and Steve became lovers. That evening, after leaving the party at about 10:30 PM, he came to our apartment. My wife had let me know that she desired to be with Steve. At our home, I told Steve, while my wife was in the ladies room, that he was free to make love to my wife. He was very happy to hear this. He asked why and I suggested that it did not matter why. And he asked where I’d be. I explained that I would be watching and that he should just ignore me. My wife was back from the bathroom and she walked towards us. I kissed her, a fast kiss, and I told her “Steve wants to be with you”. She walked right up to him and they looked at one another and joined hands. She told him to take his clothes off. Then as he did that, she said to me “are you going to be with us?”, and I said Yes. My wife looked so good. Now Steve was naked. His erection was huge. My wife said “Wow”!!!!! I asked her if I should take and dress off and she agreed. I unzipped her dress. I let it fall to the floor. My hands were touching her arms and her back. She was in her bra and panties and heels. And I said “Steve, please be gentle with my wife”. And they kissed. Hard and deep he and my wife kissed. His cock was against her body and her arms were around his neck. And their tonques were inside of each others mouth. They now sat down on the couch. He was a real lover. He slowly kissed my wife’s face. He went down to her body, kissing her breasts thru her bra, but he also licked the exposed part, the sexy clevage. I was so jealous. He knew how to make love and he had a giant cock. Steve kissed my wife’s mouth again and inside her mouth. Their tongues went back and forth. I felt totally abandoned and left out. I was feeling hurt. His penis was so big that I actually felt something that only women feel. I felt penis envy!!!! I was so envious of his penis. My pants were off and my erection was like steel. Then Steve broke their kiss and looked at me, he said “why don’t you take her panties off?”. And for some stupid reason, I said, “are you sure you’re okay with that?” and he said he wanted me to enjoy them. I took them off and then he said “why not the bra too”. I sat back down in the living room chair. The bra and panties felt so sexy. As my wife and her new lover kissed, while he touched her all over, as she moaned, I watched them and I smelled her bra and panties. I was soon kissing and licking them. I was so humiliated. Steve got my beauiful wife and I got her underwear. He looked at me and asked “are you enjoying them?”. I said yes and thanked him!!!!! I felt like an absolute idiot. I rubbed the panties against my mouth and face. I felt saddness, and even anger at myself, jealousy of him, jealousy of their love making and so turned on that my wife was enjoying herself!!!! Soon my wife and Steve were in our bed. They totally enjoyed each other. The whole time I was touching her underwear. I felt alone and left out. But I stroked my penis, which was the best I could do. One of the most jealous feelings hit hard when he sucked my wife’s breasts. She would hold the back of his head, kind of cradle it. It was so erotic. Another man was getting pleasure from my wife. And I got her panties and her bra. So yes, a cuckold can do more with panties than just wear them. By the way, my wife absolutly loved Steve’s cock!!!!!!

    • What a wonderful, angst ridden, tormented, meaningful description of your experience. I loved it. Thanks, Mat

  11. I just love that first pic at the top of this article. What a perfect way to put a sissy in his place.
    If I were his wife, I would insist it remain locked up and out of reach from him in a secure chastity device.

  12. Follow-Up on the Pantied cuckold
    I agree with WaitedandWatched. He talks of holding and smelling the undies of his wife while she is with another man. It suggests that wearing panties is not the only thing that a cuckold can do with them. How erotic to smell them and hold them (bra too!). That really diminishes the husbands masculinity. Watching my wife being kissed while still wearing them just adds to their value and my anticipation. And he always will kiss her bra and panties, while my wife is still in them. Watching and knowing I will be smelling them, after I pick them up off the floor, just adds to my being humble and jealous. And the jelousy is a large picture. I feel jealous of their love making; and jealous of their pleasure together; and jealous of his skill and his cock, and, and of the attention he and his cock get from my wife. But the jealousy extends into envy. What a great cock he has. Yes I envy him and his cock! I am lucky “to hold and to have” the scent of her bra and panties, and, the comfort they give me. And I’m grateful for my other hand being on my penis. So, as i see it, there is more than one way to be a pantied cuckold.

  13. I agree with the gist that everyone has communicated here. My husband suggested that he share me with an occasional lover when we were still dating (see my post “in the beginning” for details), but I took it eventually to cuckolding . The first step was when I bought him a pair of panties just after we returned from our honeymoon. It was one of many occasions on which I saw the two sides of him fight each other. His traditional male side was taken aback, even offended, by the idea that I would even see him as a candidate for wearing panties, but as he was saying all of this his little cock rose to the occasion. His submissive, feminine, beta male side felt right at home. Our journey is peppered with moments like this, when new conditions I place on him repulse the man but delight the submissive, and I must say I love finding new ways to put him in that conflicting mind space. He now wears panties almost every day and always goes to bed wearing the most feminine lingerie I can find. He calls me Mommy in private, never pees standing up and has a range of little restrictions in his life to subtlely remind him that while the world sees him as a real man, inside he’s my little girl.
    There are still times, fairly often, when the man rebels out of a sense of angst, frustration and lost pride, but when faced with my insistence he always chooses to continue being my pretty little cuckold. I’m glad that the frustration is there; he is a complete person and shows it in those moments. I also like it because I want being cuckolded to be difficult for him. I do not ever want it to be a constantly smooth, easy ride. I want him to love it, but I want it to always be an effort and a struggle in some ways. The fact that my wonderful husband accepts the struggle, finds it frustrating and challenging and humiliating but still persists, for years, is one of the things I admire most in him. I love that he is willing to be in this relationship even while I insist that it conflicts him to do so.

  14. another great article. i completely agree that the pantied cuck is one of the best ways to encourage and elicit submission from the cuck, which is part of cuckolding i believe. all this helps to put the cuck in his rightful place and elevate the Bull to his rightful place as the lover. it just takes it another step forward making him wear frilly panties. it also adds to the humiliation of the cuck in front of the Bull. i see no problem with any of that. chastity should be part of the requirements as well.

  15. Hey, where’d you get the picture of my dick (the one on the right, of course)? :)

  16. I can’t agree anymore

  17. personally I’m not into panties, however I did think the if wearing underwear the cuck should always wear the smallest, tightest available just to emphasis the size (or lack of) his cock.
    During time at home the cuck should really be exposed and be fully visible. Normally just a t-shirt should be warn giving fully view and access to his little cock.
    Keeping himself smooth is also very important, I find the best was for this is actually going to a waxing salon for a sack/crack wax. The experience of going along and exposing yourself to your waxer is very humbling.

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