A Cuckold Vacation

Vacations away are great for couples, so why not for cuckold couples?

Often couples seek to ‘get away’ to recharge and re-energize their relationship. The idea that  her boyfriend or lover should always be excluded from such a vacation  must obviously be reconsidered. The same relaxed environment, unstructured schedule and the opportunities for enjoyable activities or  simply doing nothing at that benefit traditional couples can offer even greater benefits for the cuckold couple.

Consider a destination like Hedonism where a permissive environment allows a cuckold couple to much more openly explore and experience your lifestyle. Your wife’s boyfriend will have more opportunity to show off his girlfriend to an appreciative audience and your wife will likely find she’s not the only wife cuckolding her husband.

Looking at the picture above, do you think their cuckold followed them at a discrete distance to witness his wife being shown off nude to other guests or do you think this was his parting view of them on their way to a secluded spot off the beach? Either way, this moment should be a source of pride for the cuckold and a source of bonding for all three.

Even for cuckolds who are not typically cut off from coupling with their wife, such a commitment might be best for the duration of such a vacation. For wives or Doms considering retiring their cuckold’s penis from intercourse, or at least introducing more structured restrictions, such a venue could provide the most erotic way to introduce / test the arrangement.

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  1. ….quality time is always important in any meaningful relationship. Love this post.

  2. a cuckold vacation is a great concept. It’s so important for the wife and lover to have quality time together and to make sure the hubby knows his place properly.Wife and lover are together as the couple, hubby takes a back seat.Hubby must accept this and the vacation allows everyone to settle in to their roles such as retiring the hub’s penis from intercourse. Great post

  3. I have just planned our first cuckold vacation. All 3 of us are very excited. I have just make the room reservations. My wife & her BF will have the master suite with the king bed & jacuzzi tub, and I will stay in the room next to them with a connecting door. My room will have a small single bed which is all I need since I will be spending most of my time mastrubating alone in it, either listening to them getting it on ( with the door open or locked…the lock is on their side only…so they will decide if it is opened or locked!) or knowing they are somewhere else in the resort getting it on in a secluded area. They will act as the married couple and I will be the 3rd wheel. Some of the times I will join them for dinner, drinks, and by the pool. They will kiss & make out at the pool. My wife will be off limits to me for the entire vacation. They are very sexual, and I’m sure they will be having sex mornings, afternoons, evening, and in the middle of the night. They will decide if I can watch, listen or give them alone time. They will decide if i can come to the pool and watch them make out or if I must stay in my room. I know I will be spending most of my time in my room masturbating….. Just the sight of them french kissing gives me a hard on. We all have a rule, that I’m allowed to watch all I want, but if I get a hard on I MUST leave immediately and go masturbate alone in my room. I get hard just thinking about them together, so that is why I’m in my room alone so much. I usually can last 15 minutes at the pool and 5 minutes if they are having sex before I get a hard on and have to leave and play solo, just thinking about what they are doing. The vacation is in August, so we all will be having alot of fun thinking about it before we go. I’m sure we will all have a great time there too.

  4. Hedo II is a great vacation spot for a cuckold vacation bringing along ones wife’s BF, believe me, its wonderful, and it enhances the relationship between the 3 of us..

  5. We went to Hawaii last year. My wife and her boyfriend flew first class and I flew coach. I felt it was only right. He had never been to Hawaii, and I wanted this vacation to be a special as it could be.

    We got adjoining rooms as well. The lock was on their side, too. My wife and I agreed that I would be the friend and my wife and her boyfriend would be husband and wife. But when we got to Hawaii, my wife told me that she wanted everyone to know that I was her husband and that her boyfriend was her boyfriend. I agreed.

    When we went out to eat, they sat together and I sat across from them. When we drove anywhere, I sat in the back seat. I paid for everything, although my wife’s boyfriend held on to my credit card.

    My wife and her boyfriend went wind surfing and snorkeling. They played on the beach, and I watched. I enjoyed seeing them have a great time together.

    My wife and her boyfriend took a helicopter to other islands and did things, just the two of them. I felt that they needed alone time, too.

    When we got ready to leave, my wife told me that was the best vacation ever. I was so happy for all three of us. My wife’s boyfriend told me that he hoped we could make it a regular thing. I told him we would. I told him next time it would be hedonism II or something like that. My wife said Jamaica would be nice as well. Either way, they will get the vacations they deserve, and I will come along to make sure that they have everything taken care of for them.

  6. Wife’s present Lover is still studying and He visits us during long weekends and vacations. Whenever He is here on vacation, they always plan to go on long trips lasting from, minimum of 3 to 7 days. They go by themselves without me accompanieng and It is always a honeymoon for them. It is not just sex they do during those trips. They go out to historical places, go hiking, and sometimes make it as a piligrimage by visiting Temples and Durgas (We are Hindus and He is a Muslim)

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