Truth Detector

Truth Detector

There is only one effective measure of a cuckold’s truthfulness: his penis.

A member sent me the link to this video and my first thought was how exactly this matches what I see when allowing a cuckold to be witness to the intimacy between his wife and I. You’ll notice how quickly he becomes not only swollen, but leaking. He’s obviously verrry excited by what he sees. This is why I keep a cuckold nude or at least exposed so we can both see his penis dancing for us and know his true state of mind.

This also brings me to another important point: size doesn’t matter when it comes to being a cuckold. This cuckold’s penis isn’t at all small, but yet it’s the one throbbing pointlessly while another cock is seated inside his wife.

Being a cuckold is a role and a state of mind.


  1. Hi Lurv. Thevideo link is not working. BM.

    • It is for me and others…are you getting an error? Nothing?
      Where have you been..?

      • I’ve been around. Still checking in but my new internet browser is not Java enabled so i can’t chat. I am going to try and fix that problem today.

  2. Ahhh. Fixed my internet problems and this video is a wonderful cuckold expression.

  3. This is very powerful footage. I love the faint audio track of the mounting rhythm of the coupled couple which triggers his full erection and the straining for release. Clips like this are beautiful, very helpful and much appreciated.

  4. Oh my goodness. That would be me if we ever actually went through with it. I am leaking worse than my Wife right now.

  5. That video will certainly be me some day (hopefully) soon. What is it about our wives taking another man that drives us to such ecstasy?

  6. Video not working for me , either……….just a blank screen (I’m on a i-pad)

  7. I’ve made some changes – video should work for everyone. I’ve tested in Ipad as well and it’s working.

  8. This is a great video. This happens to me also when listening to my wife with a lover from behind the bedroom door as this one appears to be. My own cock is always mush more erect and throbbing when there is another hopefully bigger one inside my wife. If she is out on a date I will be like this all night awaiting her return.


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