Hotwife Submission

Hotwife Submission

When a hotwife offers her submission to her lover, it’s a gift not only for him, but also for her cuckold.

I tend to speak most of the submission of the cuckold yet it is the submission of the hotwife to her lover which truly fuels a cuckold marriage. Such submission is often not very overt. For example, the most common forms of hotwife submission for her lover are such things as how she dresses for to please him or how she has trimmed or shaved her most intimate place to be what he desires.

What I wanted to say here is to extend a challenge to hotwives who have not yet offered overt submission to their lover to consider doing so. Such an expression of trust not only forms much deeper bonds between you and your lover, but also between you and your husband.

For a cuckold to witness his wife’s overt submission to her lover is to experience one of the most intense forms of cuckolding. Often this is because the cuckold knows you could never extend such submission to him and will only view such acts when your lover accepts these gifts from you and exercises them.

Some women who are dominant with their husbands worry that deferring to a man, even her lover, will weaken her position of dominance with her husband, but in reality, the opposite is true. The deeper a wife’s submission to her lover, the more fixed the D/s roles become between hotwife and cuckold.

Bull Becomes Dom

In order for a bull to learn the role of a Dom and understand how to enjoy, guide and help a cuckold couple grow, the couple must extend that opportunity and they do so through their submission. This submission can take mental, emotional and physical forms. Beyond making changes in your outward appearance or behavior to suit your lover, learning new skills can also be considered submission: learning to suck a man’s cock and/or learning to deepthroat his cock; finding yourself eager to swallow for him if only because it’s something you would never do for your husband. Light bondage and spanking are also easy entries into  overt submission. Having your cuckold watch as you offer your bottom for a spanking can be incredibly intense for everyone involved, but be quite mild in application.

The multitude of ways to express submission is well beyond the scope of this article, but to discuss your own situation to learn how to proceed, you can contact me privately here or post your experience/question to our public forum here for membership’s input.


  1. As an experienced bull, I couldn’t agree more with your article! Submission of the hotwife to her bull further intensifies the cuck’s feelings of inadequacy. I trained one hotwife how to deepthroat my monster length, and the cucky’s expressions of true awe, submission and a bit of horror were obvious. She would never go down on him, period. But also, the act of having me–the bull-train her for my sexual gratification further showed hubby how weak he was sexually. Finally, the fact that his penis was too small to even use as a tool for deepthroat, deeply humiliated his very being.

    • Welcome to my site, ColtBull.

      As you may have noticed in your experiences with wives, it’s very common for them to offer you pleasures and privileges they have not and will not extend to their husbands. This can include things like oral or anal sex and also things like going in public without a bra or panties.

      Giving us such gifts is a simultaneous expression of submission to us and dominance over her husband, though many never realize it as such.

  2. Sir, I hope I’m not out of line in posting 9,000 comments. Your site has had my little penis hard all day. It’s so refreshing to hear from the Bull’s point of view. I love hearing from other cuck’s, too.. but it’s just so nice to get a different take. I think this may be my favorite new site. Good navigation and everything is just so well written. I can tell you’re the type of Bull I hope to find someday – a man who is intelligent, yet you express yourself clearly; dominant, yet respectful. I have been shaking my head all day, thinking “YES.. that’s exactly what I want!”

    If all these comments are seen as spam, I apologize. I’m just a new follower.

  3. I have often had a hard time thinking of myself as a cuck… That being said it is true. I am one. I don’t have a hard time pleasuring my wife, nor do i have a small cock. But my wife does enjoy being with a bull. I am not the dominant force in our bedroom. She has some what by accident discovered that she likes to be dominated in bed. The men she has been with have often filled that role and that is what has kept her going back for more. We have a great sex life but the men that dominate her and take the control away from her give her something I’m unable to. This has been a hard pill for me to swallow but reading this has been a big step twards accepting it. I have often wondered if she doesn’t want to give control to me in the bedroom because that would mean giving up some control in our relationship.

  4. Four years ago we decided to change our lifestyle.
    We decided to visit swingers clubs at which single men are allowed to come in.
    On average we have visited swingers clubs once a month.

    The very first time all went different than we thought:
    Almost the whole evening she had sex with one man and she enjoyed hos company so much that she forgot that I was present. I could only watch (which I liked…).

    In general men, however, are afraid to be turned away so they are nice to her.
    But there are men who takes risks and are much more bold.
    And I discovered that she liked to be submissive, even being rough to her.

    One of dozens of examples:
    Once, after a long foreplay, a bull commanded her to get on her knees so he could fuck her from behind. She obeyed.
    Then he ordered her to fuck him instead of he fucking her.
    She obeyed again.
    He raised his hands while she fucked him and with a big smile he said to me:
    “Easy, isn’t it?”

    (a Dutchman)

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