You’re a hotwife – be proud!

You and your husband have come a long way together to get to the point where you can invite another male into your marriage and inside you – so wear that status on your…ankle!

I’m all for being cautiously overt about the lifestyle. By ‘cautiously overt’ I mean it’s still necessary to reconcile time & place with the level and manner of expressing your lifestyle.

Simply wearing an anklet chain means nothing.

I’ve been asked several times about anklets and the proper ankle to wear one on for a hotwife but there’s not a lot of consensus about it. Furthermore,  without wearing an appropriate charm (or the key from her cuckold’s chastity lock) an anklet chain is simply another piece of jewelry.  Some charms are more overt than others and can obviously be changed out to better fit the time and place. Simply wearing the key to a husband’s penis restraint lock can be an effective charm because it can easily be explained in vanilla terms (it’s the key to my husband’s heart) or it can be explained in more explicit detail if a hotwife is either bragging to another woman (perhaps to recruit her) or as confirmation to a prospective bull that she is indeed a hotwife and her husband a cuckold.