Penis Size & Cuckolding

Penis Size & Cuckolding

This is the general stereotype of a cuckold, is it not?

His penis more resembles a wild mushroom than a potent male sex organ. Are there cuckolds like this? Absolutely. Is this the majority of men whose wives have or should be riding a much more capable organ? Hardly.  In the case of such a tiny penis it goes without question that size matters, but for husbands who are  better hung and are fully capable of pleasuring their wife through intercourse, the motivation and ‘necessity’ for cuckolding become a bit more clouded – especially for the wife who may not perceive an issue worthy of inviting another male into the marriage.

Size Play

Show me a husband who’s penis stiffens when told it’s small and ineffective as a sex organ and I’ll show you a sexual submissive.

As I’ve discussed in other posts like The Biology of Cuckolding, humiliation is an integral part of cuckolding because it is an overt way for the cuckold to express submission. A non-submissive male would react aggressively to being told he is less capable sexually, so to accept that humiliation is to submit.

To prove this, one need only tease a cuckold who is of average or above average size and see how they become swollen and needy to understand that it’s not really about the truth of the statement as much as it is about the effect of the statement.

There are two obvious fact about this cuckold (right):

  1. he’s very excited by his wife’s sexual service to another male
  2. he’s not mouse-hung

The truth is that it’s the submissive role he plays that is the true source of his need to be her cuckold and not any perceived inadequacy. Yes, it’s possible that size was never his issue, but stamina is, but that’s for another topic.

It’s also true that regardless of his size, stamina or ability to bring her to orgasm during intercourse, her husband can never offer her the same experience a different lover can. When you factor in the fantasy of taking a black lover to increase the contrast of both roles and race between husband and lover, you find a situation the husband could never directly provide, regardless of his size and stamina.

Size Is Relative

A husband who has 7″ will feel even more cuckolded by a man of 8″ than a husband having only 5″ simply due to the perception of having been better than average hung, yet now he is ‘small’. Though not technically true, when his wife takes a lover who is larger in any dimension, it becomes an effective verbal and visual taunt which will certainly exercise the cuckold’s submissive needs.

Size As Justification

As stated earlier, size or performance isn’t always the best justification when proposing a hotwife/cuckold lifestyle to a wife who thinks status quo is just fine. Right now the truly tiny cuckolds are thinking “Oh to have that problem…”, but for the husbands in this situation, you’re much better off exploring the dynamics of D/s as a precursor to cuckolding or express that being good doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve better or simply different. After all, her favorite flavor of ice cream isn’t the only flavor she’ll eat and it’s only her favorite until a new flavor strikes her fancy more than the last favorite!


  1. A fine bit of articulation. I get the chills just hearing you express the finer points of humiliation of the cuckold by the black bull. What a loving dom you must be to some of these lucky couples.

  2. My hubby has 5″. I used to think he was average but recently I’ve come to realise he is small. I used to believe that my inability to have an orgasm was my fault but recently I’ve come to realise it’s his. What do you think? Is 5″ small or average? Whatever he is he can’t fuck me the way I want to be fucked and it really annoys me.
    This revelation all came about last year when I was away from home, staying with friends in the country. I met a guy in a pub and ended up sleeping with him. Now it is difficult for me to accept my old sex life with hubby. I realise I want to humiliate him… I also realise he wants me to humiliate him. What I don’t understand is why. I haven’t done anything about it yet, but I’m becoming ever more attracted to Fem Dom and the cuckold lifestyle.


    • hey kate

      why r u worrying….. both u guys want it ……. just go for it ……. denu him cumming and see how everything changes for u

    • Kate your husbands 5in cock is defo small i would even say 5in cock is Tiny , 6in is average and i would say that is small as well, for me a cock 7in/8in is ok/meduim, but a cock must be at least 9in to be called big, and 11in and bigger to be a huge cock.


      • Lola, I’ve just seen your comment and I am a little dismayed you think that at 5 inches my hubby’s penis is tiny. I knew he wasn’t very big, but “tiny” is not really what any wife wants to hear. We”ve been married for 12 years and I didn’t have many sexual partners before him, so I guess I’m not in a position to say. I don’t know what others on this web site believe but I would be grateful for any more comments.
        Thanks anyway Lola.

  3. Kate, sounds like you’re on the right track. Have you considered he may want a little paddle for no reason once in a while? Making hubby know that he is barely equal to you and you have the authority(equally) to spank him is a good thing. He knows that a lover you have would never be spanked by you, as that lover is superior and you are sub to that lover. (a very complex midset for hubby,… a pleasure for you in your new role) ~Cheers, Norm

  4. I am a bull and my penis size is about 9 inches. From my experience, the cuckold couple–wife and husband- both have the expectation that the bull will be well endowed. I personal feel it reinforces the power play dynamics between all three participants.

    • I think your absolutly right,
      my hubby has always known
      what i like to look at and feel
      hes quite large himself.

  5. We as well agree with you about penis size. We were introduced to the lifestyle by a black bull who was hung 9’5″. He was perfect for her and his penis size alone was intimidating to me.

  6. I am maybe 6-1/2″ long and 4″ circumference. In all my years of having sex with women, have noticed 3 things:
    1. I can touch the tip on my cock to the opening of the womans uterus.
    2. Most of a womans sexual stimulation is the clit and her G spot which , located about 2-1/2 inches inside.
    3. Cock thickness is more important than length. As long a the male can stimulate these two areas, the clit and G spot, they can orgasm.
    Finally, sex is all in the mind.

  7. We agree too. My wife realized that my 5 incher was small when she could not orgasm. But we bought some large toys they made her orgasm easy. So we expanded to the real thing. Now her Friends are 7+.
    After the first few sessions with hung men she loved humiliating me by comparing my lack of size to their hung meat. I love it too – my little 5 incher stays hard all during her interludes! It’s a great source of humor for them to see me serve them wine or food after they have sex and seem my little member hard as a rock…or should I say pebble?

  8. new here, figuring it all out

  9. I am on my second marriage the first was with Maria lasted 12 years I don’t think she ever had a orgasm in all that time with penetration sex , she had a affair I went mad and she left me . My second marriage to Annette now 15 year has had the same problem but we are still in a loving relationship with me knowing my place which I now just love . 6 years ago she started taking lovers which I accepted , I know of 5 as she calls them her real men . I am just over 4″ hard don’t tell me or the ladies who have been with me that size does not matter I have discussed this with Annette she thinks all woman are different but a man needs to be thick and 6″ + to make her cum .

  10. There is no doubt that size matters at least sometimes. What you failed to address is that women desire and need verity, more than one lover. Her cuckold can still have his share but he must share her with anyone she desires. Women deserve to have many lovers. If a man (no matter his size) what’s to be in a relationship with a woman, friends, boyfriend – girlfriend or marriage, it’s his duty to accept her sexual needs with others or he does not deserve to be with her. Being a cuckold is a privilege, not a burden or a disgrace. A real man knows that and feels he wants what’s best for her in every way. Some things just don’t need to be questioned. Glenn

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