Bull vs. Dom

Bull vs. Dom

A (creative) bull ties the wife, drives her to multiple orgasms, finishes deep inside her and then leaves her for her husband to find.

A Dom has the husband tie her for him, enjoys her for his pleasure and hers, then documents it for their cuckold.



  1. I love the second option!!

  2. Need someone to do that to my gf

  3. Wow..finding my wife like this unexpected too…would blow my fucking mind!!!!!!!

    Bull deliberately leaving her for me..that’s involving me…that’s a real Bull!


  4. It’s relative to preference…

    As a cuckold couple we have experienced both. My wife found aspects of both enticing and erotic however her preference is Bull when it comes to the cuckold lifestyle. Dom’s by their nature isolate the wife for their pleasure and caused “us” more riffs then having a Bull that uses my wife repeatedly in front of me, leaving me the mess to clean. We currently have a great Bull and I hope all of you also find what works for you.

  5. I do think he did a wonderful job of giving her a bath ,the bull might be encouraged to return a second time.

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