Hotwife Mating

Hotwife Mating

Fantasies & Realities

Seeing the cycle of life played out through the changes and adaptations of a woman’s body is something to be appreciated and celebrated, but not abused for the point of a sexual fantasy. Having said that, the idea of further expressing commitment to this lifestyle through establishing or growing a family is quite common to many couples. Most of them will never seriously consider it or have a situation supportive of it, but for those who finds themselves as such, I offer a few points of information for discussion.

Terms & Definitions

A rightfully proud, expectant mother.

A rightfully proud, expectant mother.

I have changed the title of the article several times now before settling on the current one. I prefer concise titles that most accurately describe the content. I originally entitled his post “Cuckold Pregnancy”, which I felt conveyed a pregnancy sired by someone other than the husband, but have now chosen “Hotwife Mating” since I believe it more accurately reflects the biological imperative and right of a woman to choose her mate, even from within marriage.

I chose not to use the term ‘breeding’ as it is very offensive to some, though in its defense, the term is, I believe, meant to infer submission at the level where a woman (and couple), offer the reproductive choices to their dominant or leave it to fate/chance/nature to decide.

I refer often here to the term ‘mate’, which among our british English speakers refers to a friend or companion rather than the more biological role. Here, I’m definitely referring to the male responsible for fertilizing a woman’s ovum.

In biological terms, procreation is the entire reason women possess the sexual appeal and capacity they do.  If women were meant to only be coupling with one male, only one male would find them attractive, or, after pairing with one male, other males would no longer find her appealing – such is not the case in humans. Mutual attraction can lead to coupling as well as the female’s pursuit of a male she desires as a mate. As a society, we are all programmed to see the words husband and mate as synonymous, but ‘mate’ really only applies to the male or successive males who have successfully impregnated her. This means a wife can have both a husband and a mate in a modern (cuckold) marriage.  I write more about this in Human Mate Choice . This has happened as long as we’ve been around and is the basis for the term cuckold.

Mate Decisions For Hotwives


Attending their coupling.

More enlightened couples welcome the presence of another male in their marriage, but this invitation alone doesn’t mean a wife will or should choose her boyfriend as her mate. The choice of mate for a hotwife can and should be a complicated one; on one hand she loves her husband and always thought he’d be the one to father her baby, but her boyfriend ignites a much more instinctive consideration as a mate. The instinctive choice is really the only choice for the lower mammals, but for humans, there’s more to think about. First and foremost, is whether the husband has the commitment and love for his wife that would enable him to step aside for the boyfriend to become her mate.

For the sake of argument, let’s say the cuckold not only accepts but welcomes expressing the lifestyle in this way – now you have to consider issues pertaining to the boyfriend:

  • Would he expect a role in the child’s rearing – would you want/not want that?
  • What are state laws regarding who is defined as the legal father?

Let’s say those issues are worked out and you’ve written up a loosely legal document that absolves her boyfriend from legal and financial obligations. Now consider genetic benefits:

  • What is his family medical history compared to your husbands?
  • Is he obviously of a different ethnic/racial background?
  • If so, are you prepared for the additional challenge that may present for you as  family?

In some communities a mixed-race birth would barely raise an eyebrow, even to a white couple, but in others, both the couple and the child could face additional challenges. Having said that, some would consider it their duty to bear that burden so such matings can become more commonplace.


The moment of insemination as witnessed by her cuckold.

Some couples think natural competition between boyfriend and husband is the way to go, but I caution against that in cases where the biological father would not be obvious after birth since you would have no idea whose medical history that child carries.

ready to make a baby together

For some couples, the boyfriend is an obvious choice as a mate for her, particularly in cases where the boyfriend is an overt leader in the marriage, but for other couples the choice is still a traditional one where the husband’s penis will satisfy it’s marital duties of procreation and then, in some cases, be retired as a sex organ in favor of her boyfriend’s cock.

Hotwife Mating Commitment

Once a couple – and her intended mate – have committed to a hotwife pregnancy, it’s medically important that the hotwife have frequent exposure to her intended mate’s semen. This will ensure her body is more receptive to her boyfriend’s sperm when she is in her most fertile phase and lower risks associated with high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Disorders during pregnancy often stem from the battle between the immune system and the foetus as a ‘foreign body’.

Many of its ‘foreign’ proteins come courtesy of the father’s genes so if the mother is regularly exposed to them her body is more likely to accept them.

Professor Gustaaf Dekker, from the University of Adelaide, said: “If there’s repeated exposure to that signal then eventually when the woman conceives, her cells will say, ‘we know that guy, he’s been around a long time, we’ll allow the pregnancy to continue.”

seededThe research indicated that swallowing her intended mate’s semen was most effective, but all exposure is helpful. I first posted this in >>Oral Sex Improves Pregnancy Health . Because of this, once the boyfriend is chosen as the mate, intercourse with the husband must be ended not only to ensure the wife’s choice of mate, but to ensure her body has time to be fully receptive to her boyfriend’s sperm.

Oral could still be practiced as long as she releases his seed elsewhere.

Cuckold Mating Ritual

Mating for a cuckold pregnancy should be an all-hands-on-deck proposition. One couple I spoke to not long ago took video of their couplings and their Dom required her husband guide him inside each time so there could be no legal argument that the cuckold wasn’t 100% committed to a hotwife pregnancy as a cuckold.

Note how erect he is while guiding a bare cock into his fertile wife.

Note how erect he is while guiding a bare cock into his fertile wife.

Such behavior is not only fitting for a cuckold couple, but a loving gesture empowering both the wife and her chosen mate to make a baby together.

Witness & Document

You will both kick yourselves if you don’t document her pregnancy along the way.

At 8 weeks, there’s not the slightest hint of her boyfriend’s baby and at 12 weeks, her belly could easily be mistaken for a few extra pounds, but by 15 weeks, the shape of her belly is unmistakably of a baby. Show off that belly, be proud of the life you’ve created together as a cuckold couple.

Cuckold Fatherhood

Being new parents is a challenge regardless of who the mate is, but one of the side effects of being a new parent, for men, is lower testosterone, which enables a more patient, caring dad.

A father’s testosterone level drops steeply after his baby arrives, showing that human males are biologically wired to care for their offspring, a U.S. study out Tuesday showed.

Researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois, followed a large group of men in their 20s and found testosterone levels fell after they found partners and became fathers.

They said the effect is the same in many other species in which males take care of dependent offspring, as testosterone boosts behaviors and other traits that help a male compete for a mate.

nursing her mate's babyI first reported this in >>Baby Induced Role Change.

Since the cuckold’s testicles have no way of knowing if they successfully impregnated a woman or not, this behavior is driven by the emotional state of the husband and the role of fatherhood rather than whether he’s the actual mate or not. The side-effect of this will be to make her mate even more sexually appealing given his testosterone levels will remain high.

It’s important that couples manage their expectations and realize ahead of time that their postpartum emotions are going to run high at times. Something that would be mundane and natural like nursing the baby at the breast takes on new emotional significance for the husband when it’s his baby nursing on that heavy breast. Once the hotwife is ready for dating again, it can be significantly emotional for a cuckold to be home with the baby while she dates her mate, but if the couple – and their mate, have prepared all along and established an effective trust and communication, everyone will be the better for it.


  1. Great Post, Mark and I really enjoyed it. Although I don’t believe we’d ever take it this far, there is something inherently erotic in the thought of another man burying his cock deep within me for the simple purpose of planting his seed. It’s raw, unadulterated and makes me feel like I’m being used as a sexual vessel which is a huge turn on for me. For my husband, the thought of watching a bull’s cock pulsating as it deposits its cum in my pussy excites him immensely and to be honest, we both prefer the term “breeding” to “mating.” As you so eloquently stated, it carries with it a connotation of superiority and frankly, it just sounds fucking sexy. It emphasizes that the bull is superior and is using the hotwife for a sexual purpose which the husband should be capable of but isn’t, due to either inadequacy or the woman’s choice. Very hot!!

    • Hi im new on here . Im pround to say that im being cuckolded by my wife ..she has spoken with her bull anout breeding to which i would be over joyed if they go ahead . Would you consider breeding ?

  2. By the way, love the picture of the cuckold holding the Bull’s cock and guiding it into the wife. Mark just recently told me he’d love to perform this act so I’m glad to see he’s not the only one!

  3. This commentary is spot on !

  4. Great Post . Very interesting and true to life. Thank you Luvr for an excellent piece of writing.

  5. My wife had a much older man as a lover during her teen years and this affair overlapped into the early years of our marriage. I was aware of him at the time, but only as an ‘uncle’ with whom she was ‘very friendly’ – I didn’t know he had fucked (and was still fucking!!) her.
    It was only some years later that she admitted he had ‘fucked her lots’ and that some of the times she had shared his bed she was ‘wearing her wedding ring’!!
    After the initial shock, I found that I was turned on by knowing that this girl, who I thought only ‘did sex’ because it was ‘expected of her’ (with me, her husband) could actually go in search of a good fucking and would knock on her ‘uncle’s’ door, strip her clothes off, bend over the back of his sofa, and tell him to ‘poke me good!!!’ —– I now wish I could have been there at the time, helping her undress and then even helping to get his cock inside her, and, once he was fully inserted, french-kissing her through numerous orgasms, while telling her what a good slut she is as he fills her up with his cum……….

  6. I am encouraging Mar to cock me by being bred by a black man and this post has helped us both ED

  7. Wow thats a real informative text . I have aware for some time that the bulls semen will become accepted more than the cucks . I have experianced this myself with my hotwife ..She always gets thrush if i mix my semen after the bull has deposited , so now she has inforced a toatal ban of my small penis being anywhere near her pussy . And only her bulls seed in her . Has anybody else had any other experiances ?

  8. I agree. It’s a great photo of the cuck guiding the Bull’s cock into the hotwife. Nothing says it better than the cuck helping the Bull guide his cock into the cuck’s wife. it shows support for the activities plus he gets to see first hand how satisfied and happy his wife is being pleasured by a real man.

  9. For me and many others breeding is the hottest possible thing, irrespective of what is is called. It would be easy to suppose that a bull thinks not far past his ego on this, and that the thought of womens bellies swelling with his progeny is a really sexy thing. It is certainly so for some women, who are so turned on by having their husband submit to this deepest humiliation. Some have worked it out with great care too. One told me that it wasn’t just a physical thing, making babies with a better lover, it was my education and health too. She wanted my kids as I outranked her husband. He said he was willing to concede on that, to support his lovely auburn haired wife as sperm had its way, but for me the statement didn’t ring true. Willing to concede was a bit reluctant. He had to be an enthusiastic, to consistently beg me to do the business, to beg her to come off the pill. Its no small point either because of the legalities of this-the pursuit of fathers who conceive children… support payments and the like. The law varies place to place but you HAVE to think about those things- especially as it can become an obsessive thought for some women during their ovulation week.

    My suggestion is to picture some scenes. The baby being born and who is present. The christening if such is your custom. Seeing husband’s face as your kid suckles on her nipple. What about the school play later on? I guess as a bull I wouldn’t want to be an arms length, off the down the road father. I would expect the husband to acknowledge me as the father, even though he works on as dad. I would want to keep seeing his wife if that was what she wanted too, servicing her, dating-its a radical life style statement that faces off norms. It is a very big ask- and therefore a dream 99% of the time. See what you think?

  10. To balance off my last appropriately cautious post, here are some points regarding why a hotwife should reasonably want to mate with her bull and harness her cucked husband to the support of the new family. They are arguments, so feel free to debate and reflect!

    1. I would argue that it is instinctive for women to want to produce the best kids and to ensure that they have the very best opportunities in life. Women are arguably hard wired for this role, the advancement of genes, the protection of young. Alpha women have never just been passive recipients of sperm. So a wife with an older and less fit husband might prefer a younger bull. She wants healthy seed. Her spend of eggs has to be a good spend. If she has a compliant husband, then it is natural for her to encourage him to support the union. She may too have convictions about enriching the racial mix of offspring, especially if her bull exhibits traits and attributes that she finds very desirable. There are certainly political arguments in favour of that, if you wish to challenge racist attitudes. But it does require great bravery and commitment, and from the cuck too. I think bulls should continue to be part of things afterwards, so the cuck has to manage the stark realities when others make their own deductions.

    2. Despite social norms of monogamy and conventions about the family as a unit, there are clear economic advantages to mating with her bull and living with both men. If her husband is completely acquiescent, signed up to the new unit, then the woman is supported two fold. She nurtures her children whilst being nurtured in different ways by two men. She is mistress of her home and insists on the alpha role for her bull, whilst reassuring her husband of continuing submissive roles that so many cuck males need. Its not a matter of especially whether she wishes to humiliate the husband. As long as he co operates, then the arrangement continues. ‘John doesn’t make a fuss, I fuck with Leon, that’s just how we live.’

    3. intelligent alpha women have considerable reserve or emotional intelligence, that is they know how to manage emotions and relationships. They can reassure, challenge and excite in equal measure and most importantly, this over time. Nothing runs stale with such women. One lady said to me, ‘I would get exhausted if I tried to run the rut in my house every day, but week on week, month on month, I find new ways to have my husband submit to Ben, and find new ways to help Ben enjoy me.’ This is a woman who is actively building new conventions, their conventions.

  11. I really love this post and have been reading again and again and really think can it happen that my wife’s belly be carrying the real living baby created by a real man or bull which will be life long expression of the love and long term relation between them

  12. Hotwife mating…….. You had me at the title of the article! (And again when I scanned down and saw the subtitle Cuckold Mating Ritual)
    I’ll raise my hand and admit that the thought of watching my wife willingly submit to a planned mating with another man with the intent of having him impregnate her, is at the very top of my cuckold fantasy bucket list. But in reality, my wife and I both wanted our children to share our combined genetic contribution, and have enjoyed seeing our looks, traits, and personalities manifest themselves in our offspring. My wife and I started this lifestyle while we were still in college. After a summer break, and a tearful admission upon our reunion that she had spread her legs for two other men while we were apart, I realized I couldn’t stop thinking about her with those guys. After a lot of fantasizing and discussion we both realized that we were cut out for this kind of relationship and I told girlfriend that she had my permission and encouragement to take advantage of any sexual situation that might come up whether or not I was around. Six months later, we were engaged, and during that time our fantasies became reality as I got to watch my young fiancée taken in the backseat of a car by my best friend through the rearview mirror while I drove………… Early on in our marriage my wife took advantage of her sexual freedom and would occasionally come home with the erotic details of her sexual tryst with some stranger she met on the dance floor in a crowded bar. Eventually we wanted to start a family, so Diane stopped taking her birth control pills and during this time she refrained from “playing” with other men since we both really wanted me to be her mate for this next step in our life. Once our daughter was born, it didn’t take too long before my young wife was again out on the prowl on Saturday nights while I stayed home watching our little girl, hoping mommy would come home with a naughty story. When our daughter turned two, we decided it was a good time to try for a sibling, so my wife who was then 26, again stopped taking her birth control pills. I think at the time she wanted to wait a couple of months to go through her natural cycles before trying for the insemination, so it was two months of wearing condoms during sex, something we both detested, but believe it or not, Diane disliked using them even more than I. (At that time, AIDS was not a concern, so her sex was always bareback even with complete strangers.) It was during our second month of condom usage, a warm night in August, that my wife met some other girls from work at a local bar to celebrate one of their birthdays. That night, my wife was extremely late getting home, these were the days before cell phones, and I was waiting up for her, concerned because it was so late. When the front door opened, I found my obviously drunk young wife in tears sobbing “I’m sorry” “I’m sorry”….. After I was able to ascertain that she was okay, I found out the reason she was apologizing to me. My fertile young wife admitted to having unprotected sex with a much older, aggressive stranger. A myriad of intense and overwhelming emotions flooded over me. I was simultaneously afraid and turned on at the same time, and really didn’t know what to say and I listened in silence as Diane explain what had happened. At the bar, the girls met a gregarious man in his late 40s who started buying round after round of drinks for the girls. My wife thought the guy was pretty funny and got pretty drunk. One by one the other women left for home leaving my wife alone with the much older stranger. Eventually the guy invited Diane to smoke a joint with him in his van, and my young wife accepted. She was used to going out to cars with guys and didn’t think much about it. My young, intoxicated wife got pretty “high”, the music was turned up loud and Diane eventually drifted off to sleep. Eventually she was awakened by hands underneath her tank top, on her bare breasts. The van was completely dark. Diane struggled against him, realizing the situation she had put herself in. She grabbed his wrists, and told him this wasn’t a good time, she was trying to get pregnant with her husband and had gone off the pill. In retrospect I don’t think this was a good thing to have told him. I think he had already detected a submissive streak in my wife earlier in the evening, and as his hands continued to pinch and probe even further, he no doubt could feel my wifes body starting to betray her as she slowly started to respond to her quickly building lust. As my wife retold the details to me, I could see this aggressive stranger, more than 20 years her senior, knew exactly how to get my wife to totally surrender to him. He actually got her to moan “fuck me” before letting her feel his large swollen shaft slowly stretching her as he sank balls deep into my more-than-willing 26-year-old wife for an unprotected animalistic coupling. Diane would later tell me that she felt a tremendous sense of relief as she saw my unmistakable arousal from hearing her shameful confession to me. Even at this early point in our marriage, she was already an incredible expert at teasing and arousing the cuckold husband that would wait patiently for her to come back home with naughty details of her sexual trysts with other men. As she stood there in front of me, her face still streaked with mascara from her earlier tears, she slowly and silently raised the front of her short skirt, bearing her naked, shaved sex to me, showing me that her panties were missing. At that moment I had to have her, there would’ve been no stopping me, I had never wanted to be inside any woman at any time is much as I needed to be inside my wife. After an all too brief, yet intense coupling on the kitchen floor, my wife and I held each other, breathing hard. It was one of the most erotic and emotional packed 30 seconds of my life! The next day, after doing some calculations per my request, my wife confirmed the fact that there was a good probability that the stranger had mated with her during the the highest four-day window of opportunity for her to get pregnant that month. (Even though it went unsaid, we were both aware that she had easily gotten pregnant the first month we tried when conceiving our first child)
    The following days were a roller coaster of emotions for me. Most of the time I found myself in an extreme state of arousal, thinking about how the mother of my little girl had offered up her young unprotected, fertile pussy to a complete stranger. The encounter also had a residual erotic effect on my young wife, and we spent many hours in bed, consumed by lust, and reliving the details of her encounter as our mouths and fingers roamed all over each other’s bodies. Early on during one of our pillow talks, Diane admitted that after their initial mating in the van, she agreed to go back with him to his friends cabin before coming home. She said that since he had already ejaculated inside of her, she didn’t think one more time would make any difference. A week later she made the lust induced confession to me, that her night with the older stranger had been the most exciting sexual encounter of her life. Even though my life was filled with these erotic thoughts and realizations, my roller coaster of emotions also had many low points. This was especially noticeable after I would orgasm and my arousal level would be at zero. During these times I would feel sorry for myself, be depressed, and just be no fun to be around. Diane quickly learned not to let me orgasm too often, and when I did she would make sure it was right before she was leaving the house so I would have some time to recover some of my arousal before she got back. Diane, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be at all bothered by the fact that she might be carrying the baby of a stranger, in fact she seemed oddly at peace. When I questioned her about if she had any qualms, she would say something like “Whatever happens, happens, about all I can do is just accept it, and live my life” Each day was an emotional elevator for me as we got closer and closer to the date on the calendar circled in red pen. The date that Diane’s menstrual period should start. That day came and went. Then she was one day late, the levels of my arousal and depression hit new highs. Then on her second “late” day while my daughter was down for a nap, my wife called me into the bedroom. Diane was fully clothed, but she told me to take off my shorts and underpants and lay down on the bed. She sat next to me grasping my semi-tumescent penis in her hand, slowly stroking and coaxing it as she began to speak. “I know you don’t want to hear this, but I think it needs to be said.” “I know I’m pregnant honey, and I know that it’s his” ………. Her naughty confession, along with her expert stroking had the desired effect, causing my penis to immediately erupt like a tiny volcano, oozing hot spasms of thick ejaculation down the front of my penis, pooling in my pubic hair. When I was done moaning in pleasure, the words all of a sudden seem to have a different meaning as I looked up into my wife’s eyes with what she would later say was a “puppy dog” look. She just looked back at me wiped her hand on my leg and shrugged her shoulders. For about 30 seconds I just laid there looking into her eyes. Then she said, “Congratulations”, my period started, I’m not pregnant!”:……. “I just wanted to give you one last little thrill”………………… When I look back at that time in my life it’s something I’m glad I experienced once, but wouldn’t want to experience it again.

  13. Wife has decided that her present lover will be the mate and i naturally am in agreement. Since strong courageous intelligent and good looking. In preparation she has stopped pills last month. Her loverboy is spending 3 weeks with us when he has preparatary holidays before his final exams . even though, she will her fertile period during his stay, she may not become pregnant during this visit. Her gyno who is her school friend, before she branched of to medicine and my wife to finance, has told her that after she stops the pill, she may not conceive immidiatly, but she might have to wait for 2-3 months. After his exams in April, he will be spending 3 months starting May. We expect He will definitely impregnate her and she will become pregnent. I will be happy if everything jappens as per plan.
    What is puzzling me is her statement, that she cant take long maternity leave because it will upset her career plan. and she gas said that I will have to nurse the baby, as she has planned to take only 2 week’s leave
    It has made me wonder of she along with her gyno friend are planning something with me to induce lactation.
    I wanr ro know is ir possible for men to lactate and nurse a child?
    As per information on net, it is said it is possible. Has any body has come across anything like this?
    I dont want to ask wife or the doctor

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