Anal Love: The Pinnacle

Anal Love: The Pinnacle

There is perhaps no manifestation of the cuckold experience more intense than the experience of anal lovemaking between a wife and her lover. The surrender of this most private cavity by a wife (and her cuckold) to her bull goes far beyond a mere sexual act. It is, in its ideal realization, the breaching of a frontier that unites the physical and the emotional expression of this unique lifestyle.

15post prep3Wikipedia reports that only about 30% of (American) women have engaged in anal sex. While this data is not filtered for participants in the cuckold lifestyle, it nonetheless represents that only a minority of women have experienced anal lovemaking. For cuckold couples, a woman’s anal virginity offers a special opportunity to intensify the cuckold dynamic. When a wife can offer to submit her body to her bull in a way that is unique (and unavailable to her husband), the preeminence of her romantic and erotic relationship with her lover is highlighted. The emotional sensations for each of the three parties to the relationship are powerful: for the bull, his dominance and ownership are made even clearer; for the wife, her submission to her lover takes her to a deeply connected place with him; and for the cuckold, knowing that his wife has given her superior lover something he will never have grinds the painful angst of his position deeper into his psyche.

The decision to become anally intimate should ideally be an explicit one, especially if the wife is an anal virgin. While in some cases, emotions overflow during lovemaking and anal intercourse can occur spontaneously, in a cuckolding relationship there is great benefit to to planning this unique submission. For one thing, an anal sex virgin will need significant physical preparation to be able to accomodate her lover’s cock in her rectum. But more importantly, her cuckold needs to know and understand in advance that she intends to yield her body to her lover in this way, and to take their physical and emotional relationship to a new level.

14post prep2Physical Considerations

First, the physical dimension. In order to make her anal deflowering as emotionally pleasurable as possible, her body must be appropriately prepared. The virgin anus requires a systematic relaxing and opening to allow it to accomodate a man’s cock. Remember that the anus provides no natural lubrication, so it’s imperative to provide that, either by use of vaginal moisture or synthetic lubricant. A bull–while a force of nature and aggressive by temperament–should nonetheless take the time and necessary steps to help his woman open her body to him for this act. It can be a kind of sacrament for her assume the position of submission and allow him to probe, stretch, and open her anal ring. Make the most of this extended foreplay, and all of the emotional anticipation that accompanies it.

Emotional Impact

The anal coupling of a wife and her lover has multiple layers of meaning.

First, understand that this particular act is different. Her husband, the cuckold, has never entered her body in this way. And–at least in a genuine and ultimate cuckold marriage–he never will. Instead, her chosen mate, her lover, her man, will be the first to penetrate her rectum with his cock. He alone will feel the inexorable tightness, the warmth, the gripping lust of her clasping sphincter. As she slowly adapts to his girth, first stinging and struggling, then yielding, opening, and finally eagerly welcoming her lover into this erstwhile forbidden crevice, she will traverse a new terrain of physical connection. Her husband, her cuckold, will be no part of that.

2post colorfocusSecond, when practiced with complete abandon and submission, sodomy provides the most intimate, deepest emotional connection between two human beings. The admission of her lover’s cock into the nether channel creates an emotional breakthrough mirroring the physical breakthrough. Once she learns to accomodate him, fully, in a way that is pleasure atop the pain, she will be closer to him than she is to any other person. He isn’t just fucking her in the ass; he is insinuating himself more deeply than her husband into her heart and soul as well. She will never have these complex, intertwined sensations with her husband. A bull’s cock in a wife’s ass is the center of the cuckolding universe.


There are several positions in which a wife and her bull can couple anally, each expressing its own nuanced variation of mood and meaning. Each of these is valuable–as a couple’s anal love life progresses, it is encouraged to try each to revel in the differences in the experience.


5post doggyDoggy

Most people commonly associate doggy position with anal sex–it is after all the position that provides the easiest access for penetration. Indeed, doggy provides the most overt connection with the dom-sub overtones of anal sodomy. With a wife face down, she should arch her back and press her face into the sheets, spreading her knees to open her asscrack to her lover, who kneels behind her. Arching the back permits the bottom to optimize its full, round, ripe shape for her bull to enjoy visually. This position is definitively the best for first-timers, and indeed should typically be employed to begin any anal intercourse session. For more advanced practitioners, it is the most effective way to achieve initial yielding and entry, and can be followed with one or more of the other positions detailed below.

7post doiggy2If the cuckold is present–and this is recommended only occasionally and certainly not until his wife and her lover have become very comfortable and accustomed to making love this way–the bull can accomodate the cuck’s need to witness by periodically shifting his position behind the wife. By lifting one of his knees, he can expose to the cuckold’s view the full reality of the intimate submission and penetration that is occurring. It is a profound and special gift for the bull to allow the cuckold to lay eyes on this emotional ravaging of his wife by the stronger male.


While doggy is the most common anal sex position, and the easiest with which to achieve initial penetration, it is the missionary position that provides for the most profound union of the physical and emotional, and produces the greatest romantic connection between the wife and her lover.
10post mission2In missionary position, any emotional hiding or avoidance is eliminated. In doggy, a wife can close her eyes and and in some ways experience the penetration from a disembodied vantage point (indeed, sometimes the initial pain for an anal virgin requires this level of mental reticence). But face to face, gazing into her lover’s face, the full gravity and finality of this forbidden, exclusive act are mutually acknowledged. She is experiencing complete submission, total opening, and utter commitment–and her eyes, the window to her soul, are saying all of that to her bull, silently. The way that the physical and emotional extremes merge is hard to explain to the uninitiated. Indeed, a cuckold will never experience this. But his wife, the glorious, fecund, goddess of his life, can experience it when being sodomized face to face by her lover.

8post mission1A bull, too, will enjoy the many varied facial expressions his woman offers up during his conquest of her anus. While he does not necessarily enjoy forcing her to experience pain, he knows that only by accepting and submitting to the preliminary pain of anal sex will she break through to a deeper, more layered realm of pleasure on the other side. So when he can see her face, clearly and continuously, during the experience, he can enjoy the journey on which he is taking her, and receive confirmation that she is indeed following him to the mountaintop of physical pleasure. He knows he needs to stretch and open her, to compel her body to accept him, and he wants to see her work through this beautiful and challenging release of her final intimacy. As she moves through the experience, upon the final immersion of her bull’s dick deep into her rectum, she finally reaches a level of deep satisfaction and fulfillment that only her bull can provide, and only by burying his masterful cock fully into her asshole.

Because of the special and intense intimacy of the missionary position, most couples reach conclusion this way. That is to say, most of the time, the bull comes in the wife’s rectum while in the missionary position. This adds further to the eye contact, allowing him to monitor her emotions as she feels the flood of his potent seed shooting up into her bottom.


A woman typically likes to be astride her man from time to time, and anal sex is no different. This position is a bit more playful, although it also offers her the benefit of controlling the penetration pace and depth. And, as with vaginal intercourse in this position, she has more control over the massaging of her clitoris (although that is a bit more difficult in this situation).

6post watchRiding is especially useful in situations when her cuckold is watching them make love. Typically he would sit behind the couple, with his wife’s naked ass facing him. This provides an unobstructed and consistent view of the penetration of his wife’s anus by her lover. The wife may occasionally turn her head to make eye contact with him, and the gaze they exchange speaks volumes. This is beyond just the initial yielding of his wife’s body to another man for their pleasure; this is a deep, irreversible, and exclusive experience which the cuck must accept and know he can never have. Her attitude toward him, for all of these reasons, can be evidenced in her face as she looks back at her husband with her lover’s cock in her ass.

If he is the sort of cuck who masturbates while his wife is making love, he can do so without being in the line of sight of the bull and risking a reprimand or worse, and instruction to desist. If the bull and wife so desire, a cuckold can slide under her immediately following the bull’s ejaculation into her and accept the seed as it flows down into his mouth from his wife’s wet rectum. She won’t even need to change positions, so it is quite convenient if this is a part of her cuckolding practice.

12post intimate_edited-1Spooning

Spooning, as with vaginal sex, can provide a cuddling, enveloping environment that is well suited to a warm, slow coupling. The ability to embrace and achieve substantial body contact adds to the connection of this position. While not as intense as missionary, it gives the lovers a strong sense of connection and contentment. Note that it is somewhat more challenging to maximize penetration here, but that is not usually the goal in this mode. It is recommended that initial insertion is not attempted in this position, but that this follow the use of another technique–perhaps even for a second orgasm of the session.

Standing11post ecst

Standing can be a fun, spontaneous position for anal sex in the right circumstances. It should be noted that typically one needs to adopt a “modified standing” approach, because the additional force required to achieve anal penetration requires greater grounding and balance than vaginal intercourse. While standing is an interesting and highly adaptable position, it is a fairly rare application and used only by the most advanced and regular practitioners.

Some Conclusions

Anal lovemaking between a wife and her bull is perhaps the most powerfully affirming act in the cuckold pantheon.

It is recommended that the couple not embrace anal love until she has become sexually exclusive with her lover. The act is so deeply emotional that she will not be able to return to sex with her husband after she breaches this frontier.

Anal sex is a beautiful, surprisingly tender, expression of connection that is unavailable to a man who gives up his wife to another lover. He needs to be fully prepared for the powerful emotional impact it will have on him as a cuckold. Some cucks are not prepared, and when they see the woman they love (but have lost access to, sexually) open this lovely pink flower to her stallion, the emotions are overwhelming.

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  1. I have had to correct several people who assumed this was my writing, but, in fact, this was written and posted by stevecuck. The assumption it’s my article is understandable given that I write the overwhelming majority of content here, and welcome in the sense that it’s also very well written.

    I do take issue with the supposition that anal sex is the pinnacle of cuckolding and take a much more conservative view regarding then exploration of a hotwife’s backside.

    This place is a community and stevecuck is welcome to his opinions and I appreciate, as always, his contributions.

    • Luvr,

      Many thanks for the compliment on my writing.

      I understand that surrendering one’s wife anally may not be the pinnacle for every cuckold. My inspiration comes from my own personal experience with my wife’s progression through the sodomy experience. So for us it’s been the pinnacle (so far…), but I agree, it won’t be for everyone.

      I find that in order to write a compelling contribution, I need to bring my own emotional state into play. Thus my posts, as Luvr so rightly points out, are merely my opinions, based on my own experience as a cuckold.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. I tend to agree with stevecuck about the special in knowing someone else have been using the wifes backdoor without ever tried yourself.
    As you see from my nick, I’m a wanna-be cuck. I’m 44 and married to a good looking 38yr old wife, 5feet 11, 150pounds, 31×34 in jeans.

    I met my wife when she was 26 and she has had other men before me. I was not virgin in trying anal but she always refused. After a while I learned she had anal experiences with one of her x-boyfriends.

    I have never been allowed anal myself with her allthough I tried hard in the beginning, the closest have been a finger or a tongue. And today, I honestly prefer NOT to ever try but just feel the sweet pain when she tells me about how she had been trained anal and penetrated by her X…

  3. It has certainly been a pinnacle, in my experience. Being sodomized takes me to a deep place of surrender and opens a floodgate of love and submission.

    Another beauty of anal sex is that I can share the experience of being sodomized that must be nearly identical to my wife’s experience, a shared adventure impossible with vaginal intercourse.

    And as a sodomizer, the sense of power over my lover, the control I have of my lover’s feelings, leading her on her journey of surrender, is without doubt a pinnacle of intimacy. Thank you Stevecuck for your beautiful story.

  4. To me in a cuckold relationship, the lover should “always” have three holes for his pleasures. If the woman only offers him her pussy, it is expected the cuckold will offer the other two holes as his duty and role dictates. I don’t think any woman should give any man a BJ, it’s too submissive of an act and degrading to a dominate woman. Her butt is her option but I think watching her cuckold getting screw in his butt would be more satisfying to her. Glenn

  5. Just a word to the wise on this practice folks and it is this, if anal sex is practised then it should be after vaginal sex, and the fingers that have been in and around the lady’s bottom shouldn’t venture back to her sex. The back passage contains a number of normal bacteria that live safely in the gut but which may wreck havoc in the vagina and up towards her ovaries. All sorts of problems can result and no lady deserves that sort of trouble after playing her consensual role in great sex.

  6. I have enjoy anal penetration of a female and I even enjoy it more than penetrating the vagina ,the anus is always tighter and it has a lot of nerves around the entry point,but what I love more than any thing is ,at one time I was with a couple and what the husband love is to get a close up look at my penis as I penetrate his wife doggy style and as we get in the heat he will some time lick my shaft and her pussy slowly until the juice start flowing,that will just send me crazy,if it was never don to you ,you will never imagine what it feels like!

  7. I was watching as my wife’s lover was fucking her doggystyle. He took his cock out and pressed it against her anus and while she said “No! No! Please not there” he fucked her ass right there and shot his cum in her. I have never fucked her ass. Now she lets him do it when he wants to.

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