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Confessions of a Cuckold

Anne edges james to share about being a cuckold to her. Centered Pleasure                 Honestly, it was natural for me to become a cuckold, not so much because of previous relative experiences of “three” or the difference of size and color (though definitely strong reasons for having to), but more importantly that from the very beginning of our relationship Anne’s sexual pleasure has always been more important than mine. Keep in mind that I enjoy sexual pleasure as much as anyone. Mine happens to be centered to Anne’s, especially and not surprisingly...

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Sharing, Control, and Discovery of Losing Myself

Having sex with a single man while james was either in the room or not isn’t new to our relationship. In the past through the swing social media sites there have been many opportunities for my desire to meet young single men looking for attractive MILF’s. With frequency came a random and unpredictable pleasure for me, and for james, becoming comfortable with this by discovering how aroused he became watching me or when I slipped away to be alone with someone. As our relationship has now transitioned to that of a cuckold couple and a desired “relationship of three”, I...

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From Swing to Cuckold….

As mentioned in our updates and profile, james and I have recently evolved from a ‘swing’ to a cuckold couple. Being in the swing lifestyle for as long as we have been married (29+ years), we have developed some very close friendships as a result (and not just for the bedroom). There is no question that the swing lifestyle has been a positive and fun experience over the years and because of various get-togethers I was able to explore and discover a greater sexual pleasure than what james could give me. It also allowed james to understand the positive...

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In Between Times

Our First Blog Entry As a ‘hotwife’ of a cuckold couple, Luvr has invited me, along with my cuckold husband, james, to be a blog contributor. We have contributed a few times to ‘True Experiences’, and we welcome this chance to share even further our view of our own relationship which brings challenges but also exciting rewards for each of us and together as we evolve into a ‘relationship of three.’ For some on this site, including me, it hasn’t been easy finding the ‘right’ Bull.  At this time, I do have a boyfriend (‘A’), however, I don’t have...

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