Verified: CarolinaCouple37

This very active hotwife had her first extramarital cock only three days after her husband suggested it. I do believe that’s a record. An equal-opportunity hotwife, Ms. Carolina, or Becky as she is known in their xHamster profile, may be a new hotwife, but she is already well acquainted with extramarital cock. I have to […]

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MiauMiau Update

Sexy little MiauMiau has a boyfriend! After a couple false starts, her cuckold has now reported that they’ve found a very compatible guy who has the thick cock she deserves and the attitude suitable for inclusion into their marriage and lifestyle. If you recall from the post where I first introduced them, they are geographically […]

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Being a good cuck…. Again

Today we came back from a wonderful vacation. Last night my wife took it over the edge for me by calling her boyfriend while making me play with my throbbing member. I asked her not to call him but she did anyway laughing at me. He did not answer his phone but sure enough, several […]

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Lifestyle Evaluation

A brief, but meaningful update for h and k tightknots – and their ongoing experience as a committed, but unmarried cuckold couple. There has been some dating for k, with a guy they had previous, swing experiences with. Twice she’d seen him, coupled with him overnight and then shared the details of her date with […]

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Subtle Submission

Submission can be just as powerful when subtle. There are several important points to make about what you’ll see in this video, but first, go ahead and watch it end to end. Some may find this video as not representing the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle because both men seem to be enjoying her equally and she is […]

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Biological Polyamory

The practice of a maritally committed female being sexually available to other males isn’t abnormal at all when you consider our biology. Without (western) religion having dictated our social structure to us, we’d likely be living more productive, enjoyable lives with far less stress.  

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A Sissy Theory

The ‘sissy’ aspect to cuckolding is one of the less explored aspects by active cuckold couples, but necessarily rare. I’ve long held that putting a cuckold husband in panties can be an effective training and role reinforcement tool, but it dawned on me that the use of pantying a husband should probably be done more […]

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Building The Bond

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, the practice of inviting another male into the marriage to fill an active, sexual role can and should deepen the marital bonds of husband and wife. Marital Muscle We all understand the idea of a emotional bond – something we can’t see or touch, but is nonetheless real. Now take […]

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Making The Call

Some guys just don’t work out. It’s unfortunate when it happens, but it’s part of the lifestyle and has to be a conscious part of every couples expectations. Part of what enables a husband to share his wife with someone else is a confidence that should it come down to ‘him or me’, that his […]

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Verified: PAownedCouple

Please welcome PAownedCouple to the community. Karen met Tim back in July since then he has been almost a weekly visitor. He has her wear his initial around her neck at all times. As the cuck I wear a restraint and serve them as I document the action with photos and videos. My wife is […]

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