waitingfordateIt is a very intense experience when a cuckold is allowed to be present for his wife’s date.  I, personally, have always thought about the angst of being at home and wondering where she was and what she was doing but every couple has their way of entering the lifestyle. Since I was the one who broached the subject Jerseyhottie drew the ground rules and her number one rule was I had to be there. At first I thought it was for security or maybe she thought this was a way to go about it so she didnt feel like she was doing anything behind my back. DSC04942_CopyWhat I ended up finding out was she liked me watching while looking back at me with the look of “Be careful what you wish for because I love this”.There were other conditions to this as her first boyfriend was very much into the connection a bull makes with his special couple. He suggested that I help prepare her for the date – that meant running a bath, lighting candles, and helping her on with her dress. I could tell Hottie was loving the connection and my involvement but also the connection she made with Carl. He knew we were both at work preparing for him so that Hottie and he could have a nice time.

_DSC2179_CopyJerseyhottie is nice enough to let me take pictures of her before her Date arrives – she knows I like to take the pictures so its her little gift to me. As a cuckold waiting on her Date to arrive i do start to feel insecure and more submissive but I have learned that this is about Hottie and her Date -Ill  have to deal with those emotions myself – ive seen Hotties bull he is tall handsome and very well endowed. after taking the picture above I felt compelled to ask hottie if i could kiss her feet as she is waiting (blush). After hearing a knock on the hotel door I go and find a seat while hottie goes to answer the door in her outfit.

_DSC2309_CopyHottie likes to make her Boyfriend comfortable right away by being dressed as He suggested. She certainly doesnt look the least bit concerned about anything now as you can tell by her smile. She likes the attention she is getting and makes sure that I know that. The waiting is now over and after the preparation is done now all I have to do is support her if she needs my help for anything (most times I am to take her 6″ pumps off for her, on my knees at her feet). The picture below pretty much indicates how her night went but in Jerseyhottie’s words “It was awesome”.