Welcome back, Nici.

There’s an interesting story behind Nici being part of the site. The site is currently cuckoldmarriage.info but before that it was fmsb.org and before that it was slutbride.com and before that even, it was fuckmyslutbride.com – going all the way back to 1996.


Now that’s verified!

Somewhere in the late 90s – maybe ’98, back when this site was built in support of an IRC chatroom where I met Nici’s husband. It wasn’t long before the pictures he shared via email began to look a little professional, like perhaps he’d borrowed them from somewhere online and I questioned him on it. Of all excuses to make, he tells me his wife is a porn actress.


I forget how we got to him sending me proof, but he did. A week later I got a box containing four of her movies and a copy of her passport photo page. Right. He’s married to a porn actress. Gotcha.

I didn’t really follow porn that much, so the name Nici Sterling didn’t mean anything to me at the time, but I can say after having met them a couple years later while in LA on business that the pictures didn’t do her justice.

Nici is a natural nympho – a woman entirely comfortable in her sexuality and married to someone entirely supportive of her exploration of it, a characteristic which makes him (and them) a natural fit here. Nici retired from the business some years ago now, but will never retire that body from sexual circulation (thankfully).

Nici’s husband is chatting by the name cuminmywife. I would describe them as a hotwife couple more than a cuckold couple. I would also mention that she has a taste for dark meat. If you’re a UK based bull/Dom, they may want to talk to you, but be prepared to be civil and able to hold an intelligent conversation.