I think this one has a serious future as a hotwife ahead of her.

Three months after we moved in together I shared my desire to be submissive to Nicole and we began talking about a female led relationship. This opened up our discussions on the whole lifestyle and after much reading, talking and opening up with each other we have decided that chastity and cuckolding is what we both want as the foundation. We made up a “Contract” and Nicole began by taking control of our finances and placing me in chastity. In fact our decision to ask to verify today is because we received our CB6000 and the key was locked.

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I suggest a bit of manscaping for the cuckold-to-be; chastity without the subject being shaved smooth is rather unsightly. It’s also good practice for shaving/trimming his Mistress before dates.

It’s nice to see this natural progression happen organically – that is without the direct influence of someone experienced in this and without the added security of being married. This indicates a strong commitment to each other and that they communicate very well.

The trust he has placed in her is monumental, but he did so because she did the right things to earn to earn it. The difficult part for a blossoming Mistress at this point is how spend the capital that is his trust without putting it all at risk by overstepping or, as often happens, failing to be sufficiently ‘dominant’ with him.

She has more questions that I did and for obvious reasons. I had been interested in this for many years but was never in a relationship that was open to it. We have used your website extensively to understand what it is we both wanted and as a learning tool

Nicole has not dated yet; we began with FLR and implementing it into our life and then purchased the chastity lock. We would like to verify now so we can share our exp as well as further guidance as we move forward. Nicole still has questions and is just beginning her journey as a cuckoldress.

I’m looking forward to providing any assistance I can to this couple in their journey as Mistress/submissive and Cuckoldress/cuckold.