Please welcome marriedgal (and marriedguy) among the ranks of the verified!

We had discussed it on and off for over ten years and every time marriedguy asked if I  really want to do it, I would either get upset or believe that he didn’t love me. What a silly concept that is to me now but I understand now that those are frequent feelings felt by first timers and it ok to feel that way. I can’t pin point when I actually accepted it but I know this website had a lot to do with me acknowledging it and I showed willingness to at least read about the lifestyle. Marriedguy and Luvr were instrumental in guiding me to my own realization that love is the force that allowed me to fulfill not only a long awaited fantasy but a need as well.

Ahh.. the sweet smell of success!

My expectations for myself and my husband went beyond anything I could imagine. I didn’t realize that in sharing myself with another man I would fall more deeply in love with my husband. I don’t mean to give the impression that we weren’t in love, it’s quite the opposite. In loving each other so much were able to reach a new pinnacle in our relationship and traverse norms that society deems unacceptable. Who the fuck gave society that power anyway? I am so tired of conforming.

I really like that last part: “Who the fuck gave society that power anyway? I am so tired of conforming.”

You know who gave society that power: we did, simply by putting our heads down and doing as we’re told.

Anyhow, looking into marriedguy’s eyes as I was receiving my long awaited treat was powerful and magical. I know it sounds silly but it can’t be explained any other way. When I called marriedguy over and kissed him passionately while I was having my pussy stretched and filled, was the best kiss EVER!!  My Bull and I continued to fuck on a king size bed in several positions and ultimately I just let go and fucked like I have never done before. If I wasn’t so nervous I would have probably had several orgasms, maybe next time!