Integration is becoming a reality for jerseyboy & hottie.

awaiting-him-redIt’s looking very likely that the lifestyle has reached a significant milestone for jerseyboy and hottie and they thought it valuable to not just share the erotic aspects of what happened, but also how they got there and where things seem to be going. The image above is a capture of the view jerseyboy had from another part of the house while being both a supportive cuckold to his wife and a doting father to their child. Boyfriend integration isn’t a new topic here (link) but we’ve not featured a member couple taking this path – until now. If you’ve not read about (or more importantly seen) hottie, well, you should get caught up before continuing. Click here to search for the updates I’ve posed for them.

They took quite a break from their activities this year due to real world pressures and perhaps more importantly, self-imposed boundaries which jerseyboy addresses below.

You can dabble at cuckolding or you can be a cuckold couple – to do the latter the cuckold has to let his hotwife know that she is free to explore more things in the cuckolding world with full support and very few restrictions.

The idea of “very few restrictions” seems risky or lacking in safeguards, but what it really means is to focus on the outcome of experiences rather than limiting what you experience as a couple. Let’s consider it the Golden Rule of the lifestyle – a topic which I’ve realized merits its own post as a guide, but in the meantime, I’ll summarize since it’s very much applicable to their situation.

The Golden Rule for a hotwife / cuckold couple should be to be to ensure that behaviors, practices, and experiences enhance their relationship and marriage rather than create division or strife. This provides a simple test for whether something is ‘ok’ or not. Do both enjoy it? Is it causing any harm to the relationship? if not, enjoy, if yes, then address it, correct it, and enjoy. If addressing it doesn’t resolve it, then there’s cause for either a hard rule or ceasing the cause of concern.

They first met with their prospective bull on a public date – which is always recommended, but that date wasn’t a sexual one. Most likely, without jerseyboy’s offer and commitment, their first and perhaps only coupling would have been at a hotel if and when schedules could be managed to ensure childcare and everyone’s availability.

I mentioned to her that making dates for us takes a very long time due to our schedules and that if she wants to see someone regularly she might have to integrate him more for this to happen; she jumped at the chance and asked how it would work if he came over. I said i could keep our child entertained elsewhere in the home and she could slip away to the bedroom with her boyfriend. When I offered to be supportive in that way she admitted it made her wet.

When obstacles are removed and you apply only the theory of what’s a risk in practice vs. theory, much is possible. A couple who is perfectly happy with a one-off experience once in a while can easily make do with the constraints of schedules, geographical distance, and where to host, but a couple who want  someone regular, reliable, and available have to commit from their side to make it  worthwhile for the bull.

A (home) date was set up soon after. Interestingly, she went a bit further and asked that I wear my chastity cage. We have had it for a while but it hasn’t been a regular part of our lifestyle but it seemed all of this freedom she was given incentivized her to go for more. My wife wanted me downstairs, my penis restrained, with only a webcam view of her making love to her new man.Wow!


Some of you already know what it’s like to have to play it cool and behave as though your wife isn’t impaled on another man’s cock at that very moment. Imagine being in another part of the house, being Dad, while seeing this privately on your laptop, tablet, or phone. About thirty minutes into their coupling, jb got a txt message from her, summoning him to the bedroom. He was, of course, recording that on his phone. A small clip of that is below.

Yeah, that’s a substantial cock exercising her pussy, isn’t it?

I asked hottie a few days ago if knowing he was watching by cam made it more enjoyable to be fucked as she was and she easily agreed it did. While that seems obvious to be the case, it’s important a hotwife give that sort of feedback to her cuckold.

After he left she told me what a great time she had and that she wanted to see him again soon – something she in the past might not have said so openly


I think this shot of them post-coitus says everything we, and more importantly they need to know:

  • hottie has that really well-fucked glow
  • her bull is still hard (round two or five even, not a problem)
  • her cuckold cannot get hard (lol)
  • everyone’s happy

In addition to making him welcome in the marital bed, he was also made welcome in the home following the coupling. While this can be an awkward time for the couple who wants to treat a bull like a live dildo, a couple committed to a quality experience will invest that effort and make it something everyone wants to repeat.

He’s already been back for home date #2 and I expect #3 could have happened this weekend.