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  • T- I think you are overreacting. My post was not meant do discourage or insult, and if it was received that way I sincerely apologize. I'll also add that I missed the “were I not married” part of your second post. Perhaps it should have been clear to us that you are new to this idea, and still feeling things out, and we should have kept our traps…[Read more]

  • Really?  As stated in my original post, I am not much of a writer so maybe I did not communicate very clearly.  However, I did come here seeking honest answers to very serious personal questions.  Many members of this forum truly very informative and helpful.  For that I remain very grateful.  However the last two posts were just crap.  This was a…[Read more]

  • Before I start, keep in mind that I have not actually been cuckolded…the following is based on my relationship with my wife, and what I have learned researching and speaking with other cucks, Bulls, and Wives. I guess my response to your question is that yes I think there is growth, although for me I wouldn't call it spiritual. To me it's more…[Read more]

  • Here's what may seem like an oddball question, Veritas, but you seem sensitive enough to give a shot at answering it.  Do you find any spiritual (I'm not saying religious, but spiritual) growth in this endeavor?  I'm kind of hoping that the subjugation of the ego might feel like we are progressing along the spiritual path, especially if we have a…[Read more]

  • Baby steps….The right way to do it, but it takes so much patience. I'm hoping posting these will inspire others to do so as well!