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jerseyhottie’s bf integration

Integration is becoming a reality for jerseyboy & hottie. It’s looking very likely that the lifestyle has reached a significant milestone for jerseyboy and hottie and they thought it valuable to not just share the erotic aspects of what happened, but also how they got there and where things seem to be going. The image above is a capture of the view jerseyboy had from another part of the house while being both a supportive cuckold to his wife and a doting father to their child. Boyfriend integration isn’t a new topic here (link) but we’ve not featured a...

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Waiting for Him

It is a very intense experience when a cuckold is allowed to be present for his wife’s date.  I, personally, have always thought about the angst of being at home and wondering where she was and what she was doing but every couple has their way of entering the lifestyle. Since I was the one who broached the subject Jerseyhottie drew the ground rules and her number one rule was I had to be there. At first I thought it was for security or maybe she thought this was a way to go about it so she didnt feel...

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Serving Sir M

This is the second posting by jerseyhottie and her husband, jerseyboy, formerly known here as cuckold_with_hotwife. Though the quality of the images in this post is poor, they do illustrate her boy’s service as a cuckold and his wife’s service as a sex pet to another man – and his slave. The doorbell rang – my wife or (cuckoldress) heard the door and said “Boi, get the door and lead our guests downstairs I’ll be down in a minute.” Sir M was a BBC Master who had mentioned to us that he would be bringing his personal slave to...

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Fully Cuckolded Part 1

Carl was a a BBC stud we met on a website. He was not my hotwife’s first BBC but was a charming doctor from the city and they both connected so well that it was our 5th visit – this time at our home.  i knew he was being dropped off by a cab from the train station but i didnt know he had told her to be dressed in a particular outfit kneeling for him at the doorway. She made me help her on with a sexy fishnet stocking type of outfit and told me to go downstairs...

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