Author: stevecuck

When The Levee Breaks

The One-Way Road It didn’t seem fair that Stacey and I were gliding through this godforsaken countryside in a smooth, air-conditioned luxury bus. Two weeks. Coordinating a two week vacation practically required an act of congress, especially for Stacey, whose role as an executive partner in a boutique public relations firm kept her calendar (and our bank accounts) full. Now we were to enjoy some of the fruits of her intensity, fourteen days in paradise with every whim accommodated. The facility was the pinnacle of all-inclusive, but it’s doubtful the management–as customer-focused as they were–could imagine just how full-service...

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Dread, Suspense, Anticipation

Readiness I know, in principle and by accumulated memory, that what is coming will be both electrifying and deeply painful. My thrilling and majestic wife of nine years, Stacey has been without a genuine romantic partner since last August. I see and understand all the signals that this drought has run it course. By way of background I ought to explain that Stacey and I transitioned into our cuckold marriage nearly five years ago. Like many married couples, our nuptial sex life was on an increasingly obvious trajectory towards listlessness and ennui. That entirely common circumstance was intensified by the disparity in our inherent libidos: mine perhaps just below average (a gentlemen’s C?), and Stacey’s stratospheric (A+ summa cum laude). Our attempted antidotes, I have come to learn, were equally typical: the introduction of fantasy games and roleplaying into the marital bedroom. Grasping for a renewal of excitement we mimed the landscape of erotic ideas that encompass other participants. With all the originality of Milli Vanilli we concocted elaborate visions of threesomes. We rehearsed these themes until they, too, became equivalent fodder for dullness, until one evening I shifted the stream slightly and placed my fantasy self in a voyeuristic stance, at the end of a fantasy bed, and watched Stacey couple with her imaginary partner. Some ancient psycho-sexual combination in my frontal cortex finally clicked into position and...

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