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Contributing is easy and starts with getting your account upgraded to having Author permissions.

If you can see the Add New Post option in the admin menu at the top of the page once logged in, your account is enabled for blogging!


If you’re interested in blogging here and don’t yet have access to doing so, contact me so we can talk about what you’d like to contribute!

Once you click on Post, you are presented with the new post page:

  1. Enter a title
  2. Start writing!
  3. Upload images using the media manager
  4. Select categories: Cuckold Couples & (your username)
    (Important so your posts show up where they should!)
  5. Enter post ‘tags’,keywords that summarize the content
    (Optional, but recommended.)
  6. Click Publish (established contributors)
    or Submit for Approval (new contributors)

You can always save your work as a draft and return later. The site will also automatically save your work as a draft periodically to help make sure you don’t lose what you’ve written so far.

The writing area has a toolbar above it to help you format your text, link it and insert media. If you hold your cursor over the buttons, you’ll see a label to help you understand what that button does.

Post Creation & Formatting

This site is built using the most well known blogging platform in the world: WordPress. To read more detail on how to post articles and get a better understanding of all the post options, visit this article on the WordPress site.

To add more flair to your posts, create a Gravatar for yourself that will display with each post instead of the default avatar shown left. Your Gravatar is an icon linked to your email address that will represent you on any blogging site which supports Gravatars.