This k & h tightknots update actually features her bound in tight knots!

But the catch to this is – it wasn’t h who tied her, photographed her, or fucked her; he was a good cuckold waiting at home, swollen and needy for her.

I’ve always said k is a delicious girl, but how knew she’d look so good bound and open for mounting? It was reported that this experience was quite orgasmic for k – something that’s somewhat rare for her in encounters with other men.

The first shot of her polishing his knob is from a video which we can’t share here, but demonstrates the (proper) positive attitude a bull should have when being included in a relationship.

As is very common in this lifestyle, this bull didn’t work out. The good news is k and h did enjoy this experience and it contributed to an overall experience base that better prepares them to move forward as a cuckold couple.