Feeling at Home.

It has been a few months now and their relationship is going very well. J has been very much interested in growing her relationship with her new bull who we met at a bar a few months ago.

The first time we met they had a really great mutual attraction – we did host as we have more time now – also with more free time a hotwife will be more able to engage on the lifestyle. Their progression started with playing on the couch in our home then to a massage table and for the 4th date they moved their activity into the bedroom. (I was not there but was able to leave a camera). Although he is a young bull, he really connected with how comfortable we are in what we do and was able to really enjoy the dynamic. He went from a date to a second to the bedroom and then we had him over with our family and friend’s – we introduced him as her co-worker and nobody batted an eye. 🙂 – next chapter to come.