One of the keys to continued growth in the lifestyle

It has been a while since our last post on the website but thought this was a great time to share the experience we have had recently attending parties in the lifestyle and how this has helped us grow as a couple.

How did it start?

Many Cuckold couples who are interested in pursuing or are already in the lifestyle have never been to a lifestyle party that encourages this dynamic. We had been asked to attend many parties in the past but thought we would try and keep things more discrete and go our own way. I think many couples choose this path as most couples put their toes in the cuckolding water and slowly branch out.

We ended up going to hedonism in Jamaica, which is not particularly tailored to cuckold couples so I think it was probably 50% nudists and 40% swingers – the other 10% was not known to us until we set eyes on what were to be great friends of ours. This couple I speak of walked over to the ALL NUDE pool –  that meaning no options other that to be nude. The woman was a tall blonde bombshell and behind her me and my wife saw her husband following with towels and he was “Wearing his cock cage”. As they approached the pool we were fixated on them both because they were the first couple we have seen promoting the lifestyle in this way. Other people, couples and single males slowly made their way over to meet them at the side of the pool. Those people were either in the lifestyle too as we can see there were more than a few well hung bulls there but also a few other couples. It was pretty obvious that at least 10% of the people there have an interest in the cuckold lifestyle.  We eventually make our way over to them and we hit things off very quickly I was talking to the brave cuckold who was proud to show off his position and my hotwife was chatting with his wife – we both learned a lot from them and had a great time on the vacation together.

They invited us to a party in Florida

They party we were invited too was a hotel takeover party that was tailored to the cuckold / Stag lifestyle as well as certain factions of the BDSM community. It sounded interesting and since we had our friends going we decided to try it out. We were thinking it might be a good way to network to meet potential bulls as well as connect with others who life the cuckolding lifestyle.

Following our friends footsteps into being a proud cuckold couple

We decided that at the pool parties I would walk out with her being naked and me wearing my cage. We wanted to surprise our friends and experience being transparent in our relationship with the people at the party. The response was rather amazing we were already in the pool when our friends arrived and we both got out to greet them with hugs, me in my cage and my wife in her birthday suit. We all hugged, they got naked in the pool and now there were 2 cuckold couples in the pool for all to see.

The response is amazing – bulls who are interested in the lifestyle came over quickly to meet us, Other cuckold couples came over to chat with us as well and after about an hour we had met 3 other couples in the lifestyle all the men had cages on but wore swimsuits as they probably never contemplated being that open. We were able to share allot and have a great time. At one point I got out of the pool and walked back to my towel but on the way ran into a cuckoldress from Texas who took the time out to grab my cage and tease me. She was very comfortable doing so as she knew what all this meant – she was a very nice person.

How did this affect our experience at the party

We met some really great people at this party – everyone was very discreet as there were no photo’s being taken and people were very open to come chat with us. SOMETIMES BEING CLEARLY IN THE LIFESTYLE HELPS.

We ended up enjoying all the pool parties but also had made some friends who we later met at the bar where most of the party goers congregated. Although our mission was not so much to find studs but to spend time with our friends and do something fun with them but we did have a lot of attention based on meeting people at the pool. Later that night we were walking through some of the playrooms where they had some BDSM equipment, a Gloryhole room, Ect. We ran into a Stud who we met earlier in the pool who was interested in going back to his room with us. The experience was very good because we had a conversation with him earlier and because of the cuckold exposure at the pool there was very little doubt about what we were into. This made for a very nice experience when we went back to his room. I think this picture shows how comfortable we all where.

Our conclusion about parties growing the Cuckold community

As we finished the vacation we met several couples who were absolutely terrific and enjoyed our time with our friends who we will see soon again. We also me several studs who really appreciated us and how we approached the lifestyle – We think this would have been totally different if we didn’t identify ourselves at the pool. We owe our friends we met at Hedo for their insight and feel good that we helped our new friends. In conclusion, Parties can be a very effective way to network in the Cuckold lifestyle, The internet is great but sometimes going to a public party tailored to your interest can create magic.