Denial is about denial (limitation) of intercourse, not denial of physical intimacy.

When a couple commits to a path of cuckolding, aspects such as chastity and denial are often involved. In some cases out of necessity and sometimes simply for the type of experience it provides for the hotwife, her boyfriend and their cuckold.

In such cases, chastity/denial should never be thought of as an opportunity for the hotwife to neglect the responsibility she has to share in physical intimacy with her cuckold. Denying her cuckold simply means that her cuckold’s penis needs to experience physical intimacy in new ways.

In the case of the couple shown above, it could be easily imagined that this is one form their physical intimacy takes to heighten the role identity of her husband as her cuckold through the practice of denial. Then again, it might just be pre-date ritual!

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