Earning a pet’s trust to the point where she wants to earn your collar is the most rewarding path to take. This is even more true when she is married and her submission induces the submission of her husband to me as well.

I love what this pet expressed about the collar she wears for her Master; he should be very proud of her and I applaud his training of her.


I cried when I took it off this morning, it was that kind of weekend.  The kind that makes you wish that money wasn’t necessary, the kind that makes you wish that no one ever had to leave home to pay the mortgage.  I felt the weight of it on my neck all day and would have to touch my skin just to make sure the collar wasn’t still on.  Not that I ever forget, but the reminder that I am His is always nice. 

When I came home and it was still there waiting for me, I smiled happy to know that I did my job well today and He likes that.  I also smiled because I could put the collar back on and let go of all my cares as I worshipped him.