Dressed as ordered by her boyfriend.

Carl was a a BBC stud we met on a website. He was not my hotwife’s first BBC but was a charming doctor from the city and they both connected so well that it was our 5th visit – this time at our home.  i knew he was being dropped off by a cab from the train station but i didnt know he had told her to be dressed in a particular outfit kneeling for him at the doorway. She made me help her on with a sexy fishnet stocking type of outfit and told me to go downstairs to our playroom and make sure things were neat for Her and her Boyfriend.

When I went back upstairs I saw my wife kneeling on the ground in front of her BBC boyfriend sucking his cock. I was not in the room but luckily I’m allowed to set up a videocam for Mrs J’s dates. I slipped into one of the dining room chairs to watch, paying attention to the camera to see if all of the action was getting recorded.  They moved to the couch where they began to make love; I saw his large cock penetrating her and I wanted to join in but was not allowed; my wife had me in my black Gstring with my penis cage securely locked beneath it.

Kissing her while she’s filled with his cock.

Carl picked her up from her kneeling position and they walked hand in hand to the couch. He sat down and started massaging his cock and told her to come take a seat. As she sat down on that huge member I hear her moan in a way that almost sounded like a “yummy” sound. It was obvious that she craves his cock; they were kissing and smiling at each other as she slowly rode him.

While she was riding her boyfriend’s cock, my wife turned to look at me and said – “Girlyboi,  I’ve changed my mind – we are not going to go down to the playroom; we will be going to our bedroom so please make sure the room is neat and clean.” with that i bent over to give her a kiss then  went into the bedroom to clean and they continued to make love on the couch.

Comforting her while he’s balls deep.

After cleaning up the room they walked in together. It was the first time another man was in our bedroom. They were very relaxed and happy holding hands and caressing each other. Mrs J turned her head and asked me to get them both a drink – i quickly put the video cam in position and left to get them a drink – they both wanted a rum and diet coke so it took me some time to run down to the bar and retrieve it. When I came back Carl had mounted my wife and was really laying his BBC hard into her.

Clean up while they cuddle.

The way he was pounding her and how she was moaning Ii knew this was the best experience, sexually, she ever had in our bed and one that she would not soon forget.

She called me over time to time to help them with things or get them their drinks. This brief session for the evening lasted for over an hour; my wife’s BBC boyfriend was a super stud (blush). We did eventually move down to the playroom but before we did I had one more chore i needed to do for her.

My wife called me over to eat my creampie and taste a real man.

The end of part one…