Are you registered here?

Are you participating in the forums?

If you answered yes to either question, head on over to¬† and register yourself a gravatar – I’m getting tired of seeing that ugly default avatar all the time!

What’s a gravatar? A gravatar is an icon (avatar) that can follow you around the ‘net based on your email address. This means that for any website that supports Gravatars, it will recognize you based on your email address and display your personal avatar instead of the default, ugly image that sites default to if you don’t have a gravatar.

Gravatars are supported by thousands of sites across the web. Here, your gravatar will display in multuple places: comments, the author blurb on posts (for those blogging here) and in the forum. The forum also allows members to upload their own icon/avatar, but if you don’t and have a gravatar, it will be displayed with your posts.

Another good feature is you can set up different gravatars under the same name for use with different levels of content just like the movie rating system.

What are you waiting for?