Having this delightful bit of feminine treat decorated and shackled for play is certainly a beautiful and erotic sight, but this is only scratching the surface.

First; consider that she’s a married woman and it was her husband who bathed her, shaved her legs and ensured he sex was soft and the curls above it neatly trimmed.

Second; it was her husband who slipped those stockings up her thighs then lovingly attached the ankle cuffs to the matching pair fastened to the table legs.

Third; all of the above actions were tasks assigned them by her boyfriend – their Dom.

Fourth; upon arrival, I would take her naked cuckold and place him opposite her on the table, face to face, and tie off to the D ring on the leather harness encircling his testicles.

Fifth; I would then take that line and bind his wife’s wrists together leaving the couple connected while she and I bond in an entirely different and more direct manner.