Ritual Is Invaluable

Practical guidance for (aspiring) Doms on the power of inspection.

Even when it’s abundantly clear from a distance that her cuckold has prepared her for you exactly as ordered, a hands-on inspection of the pet is always required because inspection is much less about the actual inspection as it is about the exercise and expression of roles.

inspectionThe hotwife and her cuckold will both feel a need to have your approval. A properly trained cuckold will have spent considerable time helping her prepare for seeing you whether it’s a date out or a date ‘in’ and want to know his efforts are appreciated. His wife will need to feel she is captivating and everything you want her to be – while consciously reveling in the erotic knowledge that her husband played a key role in making that happen.

The smile on your face, the desire in your eyes and even the bulge of your aroused cock aren’t as important to your pet as your touch is. You know her sex will be soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom, but you must check yourself. It’s easily understandable why she wants to yield to your touch that way.  Don’t simply trace your fingers over the soft lips of her sex to inspect the quality of the shaving work he did; always part the lips and probe for the wetness you know will be there and then verbalize your discovery.

These small but important acts go a long way to fostering a feeling of ownership in a cuckold couple.