Pre-marital Cuckold Commitment

Have you already though about the feel of those lips around your cock? I know I have. To keep her anonymous, I can’t show you her face, but I can let you see those lips and have you think about them around your cock – if you have one. If you have a penis, well, sorry, this mouth isn’t for you.

Young Love

As many young couples do, tightknots_h and tightknots_k (henceforth h & k) began exploring sexuality together, including some MFM where k discovered she really loves being fucked and h realized he really loved her for loving getting fucked.


Above you are seeing k with a guy she and h met with several times. Though it started out for k & h as a threesome experience, h seemed to recognize the cuckold within him more strongly each time they met.

A Cuckold Is Born

I’ve repeated here many times, in different posts, that being a cuckold is a role – a state of mind. Being a cuckold is to choose to follow a path of submissive sexuality. For many, such a choice is easier when lacking the assertive personality or sexual endowment expected of a more dominant male. For males who, externally, might be easily viewed as more a bull and less a cuckold, the choice to be her cuckold is much more meaningful as the image below may relate.

Not the typical cuckold penis, is it?

Not the typical cuckold penis, is it?

Yes, that’s a large penis, but a penis nonetheless because h has chosen a supportive sexual role with k. Does that mean she doesn’t enjoy his large penis? No, she obviously enjoys it, but she also appreciate the mindfuck it is to not make use of his large, swollen penis and know no one else will make use of it either.


Distance Dating

tightknots_k_sexdollBoth are University students at the moment, but attending different schools. This, as you can imagine, would be difficult for most couples, but having this bond to share can actually keep them close as you more experienced cuckold couples already know. To his credit, h has always been supportive of k dating while she’s at university. They only get to see each other every other weekend and sometimes not even then, so it only makes sense that she have a local boyfriend to treat her like the slut she was meant to be and unlike most women her age, k fully appreciates having someone who is not only supportive, but appreciative of her for becoming the fuckdoll she was meant to be.

This girl is built from head to toe to attract her choice of males and efficiently rob them of their semen. Both h and I recognize we have a role to play in helping k fulfill her intended role.

Cuckold Couple Training

Being a submissive, k didn’t feel empowered to date on her own and hadn’t been sexually active except when she could see h. After speaking to them both it became apparent they could both benefit from some direct guidance and training to lead them both in a common direction.

tightknots_k-tanktopAs seen above and left, h has breasts intended to be on display and used to entice males into seeking intercourse with her. She is now greatly limited in when/where she can wear a bra. As you can see below, in an image taken before she began practicing this for me, her bras were leaving marks in her skin that detract from their beauty. The only marks on her should be be those left by someone sucking on them too vigorously.

While her ass may look stellar in certain pants and jeans, I have also forbidden her from wearing anything but skirts or a dress when socializing or on a date. I personally prefer that look, but beyond that, I want her to feel more feminine and for h to know that her sex is precariously close to available every time she’s out. Obviously it’s a rush for h to know she’s adopted these changes for me and will document them for me when commanded to (as seen right).


Breasts like these should always be on display to the fullest measure possible for the time and place.

Next, h and I worked to encourage k to start dating. The stud seen atop her above was the logical choice being close by and someone she was already familiar with. Unfortunately, he didn’t work out as someone she could date regularly, but we continue to hope that guy will be found.

Large penis, small nuts, bound snugly.

Large penis, small nuts, bound snugly.


So needs to be punished.

For h, I have been helping him prepare for the time when she has a fulltime stud. A time when his penis may not be utilized in order that he not interfere in the sexual bond between k and her stud. I now have him practicing ways to bind his genitals as a gesture of sacrifice and to introduce one new way for k to make use of and enjoy his genitals when not using them for sex.


As you’ll learn in their next update, k now has a boyfriend and won’t be considering other males.