My name is Mike, I am 32 and live in the Midwest. I have been a cuckold for 3 and a half years.


My wife Jess and I began this lifestyle upon our engagement and it became official on our wedding night. Our Bull is an ex of hers from college and lives with us full time.

As a couple who entered the lifestyle fairly young and has a live in bull, we deal with certain challenges and situations that many who enter the lifestyle later do not. My goal with the blog is to share our experiences with you and hopefully help and teach others who are dealing with similar struggles.

Our lifestyle as we know it began on our wedding day, as instructed by her, our bull was one of my groomsman, he was part of the ceremony, part of the reception and ultimately part of the wedding night. This may seem strange to some but it was appropriate because he was to be part of our marriage and lives. I was allowed to consummate our marriage once with our bull present, and the rest of the wedding night belonged to him.

The next day we returned to our home and were given 1 week to ourselves before our Bull moved in. That week was wonderful and intense, both from being newlyweds and knowing what lied only days ahead. the week flew by and I was sad to see it end, but knew it was the beginning of the rest of my life. He moved in on a Saturday, taking my place in the master bedroom and I moving to an adjoining bedroom, this was the beginning of our daily life as a cuckold household.

You me & bull make 3Since our Bull moved in life, like for most people has become a routine, but for our house the routine is far from typical.  They still share the master bedroom and I still have my own room. Our days typically begin with me making breakfast and starting daily chores such as dishes, dusting, etc. “I work from home”.  Our Bull and I typically eat breakfast together as my wife sleeps in since her job starts later in the day. It is good bonding time for  us and conversation is typical chit chat, but there is the ever present knowledge that this man sleeps with my wife and dominates my life.

He leaves for work shortly after my wife wakes up and her and I get to spend an hour or so of quality time together.  She typically tells me of the previous nights escapades if I was not part of them, I help her get ready and I savor every minute I get to spend with her. She tells me the list of chores she needs me to do for the day we kiss and she then heads to work. the remainder of my day is spent working and doing chores.

I have dinner prepared for their return, the 3 of us eat together with me obviously serving and clearing the table. Events of the day are discussed and the meal is typical of most families. After dinner we have time blocked off to discuss what I had done during the day, if there was anything not done and if so why it wasn’t done. Depending on the situation they then decide if any punishment is needed and it is carried out.

The remainder of the evening is typical with TV or movies, and bedtime is around 9pm, while this may seem early please keep in mind we are all still fairly young and intercourse is a nightly event for them.  My participation is dependent upon their mood.  I am in chastity so the things I participate in are limited.

Once they are finished my wife typically comes to my room and lays with me to cuddle for 20-30 min, we kiss goodnight and she returns to our master, and the next day we do it all again.

I hope you have enjoyed this and I look forward to sharing more about our life going forward. If you have anything you would like me to discuss or address in a post please let me know.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to reach out with any questions at all.