A brief, but meaningful update for h and k tightknots – and their ongoing experience as a committed, but unmarried cuckold couple.

tightknots_k-date-prep1There has been some dating for k, with a guy they had previous, swing experiences with. Twice she’d seen him, coupled with him overnight and then shared the details of her date with her cuckold, h.

I believe this selfie may have been taken before one of these dates. She took this selfie to send her cuckold so he could see how she was dressed (and not dressed) for her date since he couldn’t be there. This is both considerate of her and empowering for her. She wasn’t just showing h that her breasts had to be bare under that dress, but also that she was also naked under it for him and freshly shaved.

An ideal hotwife, no?

After two such dates on her own with him, h was present and documented their coupling  at a third overnight with him.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, this guy isn’t going to work out for them long term. Yes, that’s his loss, but it’s also k and h’s loss since his sexual compatibility with k was very strong and his cock was apparently also a nice fit inside her.

Following this experience, k and h, had opportunity to spend some quality time together and found themselves questioning the path they were on. It’s easy to overlook the fact that h isn’t mouse-hung and isn’t unable to pleasure k as she deserves. In fact, they even enjoyed h taking a more dominant role with her while they were together. These facts and the letdown of losing a good lover to a poor personality led k and h to some soul-searching while they were together about their future as a cuckold couple.

Is cuckolding really what is best for them? Is it really what they both want?

While h considered that question he also considered the results of documenting her last overnight date I mentioned above.

Very erotic images, for sure – but images of passion, intercourse, not necessarily intimacy.

k_t_playful_editedBut here, we see some intimacy, don’t we? The way she holds him while he possessively and casually holds her bottom speaks volumes to an attending cuckold.


This is an image that speaks volumes about intimacy, doesn’t it? Even though this is post-coital cuddling and not active intercourse, there’s something unspeakably intimate and sexual about it. This is what spoke to h and what reminded him that at heart, a cuckold is who he is – who he chooses to be. The intensity of experiencing his beloved in such intimate embrace – beyond sex – is what motivates him to share her.

From here, k and h have come full circle. Having documented this intimacy, k and h began speaking about what cuckolding really meant for them and what the freedom to date meant for k. From here, both are committed to continuing as a cuckold couple. The lovely k has renewed interest in dating as a means to finding someone she can have such a bond with and h, well, he’s behind her 100%, of course.

Speaking of behind, here’s the lovely behind of k as a parting gift.