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Interracial Commitment


That image above is very telling, isn’t it?

No, she’s not an actress and no, that wasn’t a professional shoot – it’s the product of a loving husband documenting their commitment to interracial cuckolding. This is the moment her stud’s orgasm inside her pushes her body into her own orgasm.

Body language couldn’t be more clear.

Erotic Documented

I first came across images of Helen on Tumblr, having been re-posted from one Tumblr to another. If you’re not familiar with Tumblr, just understand that I saw this lovely woman’s commitment to this lifestyle long before I knew anything about her – or her husband who made these images possible. Then, by chance, I stumbled across the source of these images: her husband’s Tumblr page. There, I was greeted by images like the one below.


Even if you don’t appreciate the contrast of their bodies as erotic, you should at least recognize their bond and how, in this moment, she is completely his. Her belly is likely already warm with his seed and she still doesn’t have enough of him to sate her needs.

Looking at these images you might think these two are very advanced cuckold couple, but the truth, in fact, will surprise you. Helen doesn’t even know about the concept of cuckolding; for her this is simply an erotic expression of her innermost desires, yet she has displayed many behaviors and traits of an experienced hotwife.

Hellen has admitted, as I understand it, that being in their marital bed with her belly full of her dark lover’s seed instead of her husband’s is incredibly erotic for her.

Are you the type of guy to inseminate another man's wife and then make sure he can see it?

Are you the type of guy to inseminate another man’s wife and then make sure he can see it?

Look how content she is to cuddle with her man after giving her most intimate pleasure. For the moment she’s completely forgotten about her husband watching them, crying cuckold tears from a painfully erect penis he knows won’t finish inside her as he did.

helen-bound-to-pleaseMark fully appreciates that it’s his role and fortunate destiny to enable his wife to have this pleasure and will proudly step aside for the better man. Due to life being what it is, Helen is currently without a boyfriend. Part of the reason Mark wants their story told here, aside from encouraging other couples along this path, is to help find her the man she needs. Mark knows she needs a well hung, dark lover to take a long-term role in their marriage and be the gentle, demanding Owner they both need for her.

So now you’re asking: how do I get myself balls deep in this beauty, right? You must be:

  • in England (where exactly, I don’t know)
  • black (sucks for the rest of us, but that’s their choice, right?)
  • hung (if she doesn’t bite her lip when she sees it, no good)
  • confident (know the difference between dominant and domineering)
  • recently tested (her studs will always be bare inside her)
  • accommodating toward her cuckold (it’s a package deal)
  • available (married , only in town once a month – not likely to fit)

This is a short list, really, to have such a couple ready to serve your needs with her body.

If you have what it takes to be their man and be her Owner, use the form below to contact Mark. I’m sure you can use it to offer your positive feedback as well, but they’ll be very glad to hear from prospective studs. See more of this beauty on Tumblr.

Contact Helen & Mark.

* (denotes required field)

If you still need convincing how committed this couple is to being owned, listen to her begging for her previous stud to orgasm inside her knowing her husband was watching and hearing every word.

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