Often the wife has a more difficult time coming to terms with her husband’s submissive personality coming out than the cuckold himself. Chastity and markings/piercings can be enjoyable for both as expressions of their roles.


This is me, my little pony in chastity with a cuckold tattoo.

My wife wanted me to get marked this way.

So i can never think at any other women again, and i am in constant mental chastity.

This all started about a year ago, our sex life was at a very low state, most of it because of me. I am not very potent, and under average, so i could never really satisfy her. But it went from bad to worse. Last year we decided that she could have a lover, because i was not capable to give her any pleasure. At first she felt guilty, but after a while it became normal. Now i have a submissive caring role in the relation, and sex is only permitted for her and her lovers. During this time i discovered that i am really very submissive, and so i have peace with the situation, this is who i am.