The Professor:

There is no larger empirical evidence of men’s sexual desires than the marketplace.
When the modern porn era began the biggest male stars were average looking guys with big penises, i.e. Ron Jeremy. However, producers learned that men preferred to see buff good looking guys have sex, not average looking guys. At the same time, the they found men preferred to see the actor’s penis as he ejaculated, i.e. “external cum shot”. This evolved to the modern state where nearly all porn movies feature at least one scene of a man masturbating in front of a woman until he ejaculates onto her.
The market place is a survey far larger than any academic’s study and is more trustworthy in that it shows clearly what men find arousing and what they enjoy seeing while they masturbate. The overwhelming majority of men are aroused by seeing a good looking man, with a large penis, as he reaches orgasm. Men find seeing such a man ejaculate is highly arousing. Further the evidence of the porn industry is that men very much like to see other men’s semen and they like the idea of it being consumed by others.

Porn made for women does not normally include male masturbation, the visual sight of a man ejaculating or the act of eating semen. These are all things that sexually arouse the vast majority of men which is why it is ubiquitous in porn made for men. These facts stand in stark contrast to the fact men tell researcher that they are not aroused by homoerotic images.

Thus, men are far more open to homoerotic sexual arousal than they want to admit, even to themselves.

Therefore I conclude, as did Kinsey, that the “normal” sexual identification for men is bisexual.

While I agree with the professor’s observations about male preferences and behaviors with regard to porn, I disagree with the conclusion that it points to a natural orientation of bisexual for males.

We know from gobs of marketing analysis that males respond more to ads featuring more masculine males, but women respond very negatively to other women in ads if they are overly feminine. This is despite a very relaxed social attitude about female/female sexuality. Don’t believe this? Watch your usual evening shows and check out the commercials obviously intended for the female audience. You will find they never, ever have more than a B cup (if that) and sexuality is very down-played.

Males, on the other hand, respond to the more masculine men – just as women, on average, would. Does this automatically imply sexual attraction? I think not.

Let me set the stage a bit: before religion imposed its conventions upon humanity, we largely lived in small social groups as other mammals do. All members of the group would have social rank determined by their outward characteristics and how they were perceived by their group. Males would compete for females based on social rank. Should two males compete for the same female, the lower ranking of the two will step aside. This isn’t a defeat, but practice of the group dynamic. He’s a good solider doing his duty. When two males are of the same rank, or a lower rank is looking to move up, conflict happens. This response is present in humans, too. We size each other up and without the interference of artificial ‘programming’ a beta male will prefer to step aside for a higher ranking beta or the group alpha.

Females, in this dynamic, don’t compete directly with each other as males do. Rather they compete through their social rank and their appeal to the males in their group. This is why I believe women don’t respond to advertising featuring overly feminine women and see it as threatening.

Does a male enjoying the sight/idea of a larger, erect phallus imply he desires that cock himself? Again, I think not. I think more often the dynamic is that the male organ is a symbol for the role of the alpha. Religion (and government) replaced the role of the alpha male in our social groups leading people to seek leadership from ‘God’ rather than the leader(s) they chose for themselves. I propose that a virile cock is the ideal symbol for a beta male wanting his wife to have an alpha male experience and would hazard a guess that more males fall into that category than simply want a cock for themselves. I think the number of males who would actually date and engage in a relationship with another male is rather quite limited compared to the number of woman who would consider the same. Yet the number of males who would respond to another male sexually when/while their wife/girlfriend is a component of the mix is probably much higher. This, to me, points to the social dynamic, not an orientation one.