This is the second posting by jerseyhottie and her husband, jerseyboy, formerly known here as cuckold_with_hotwife. Though the quality of the images in this post is poor, they do illustrate her boy’s service as a cuckold and his wife’s service as a sex pet to another man – and his slave.

The doorbell rang – my wife or (cuckoldress) heard the door and said “Boi, get the door and lead our guests downstairs I’ll be down in a minute.”

Sir M was a BBC Master who had mentioned to us that he would be bringing his personal slave to help serve him.

M’s pet is a 24/7 live-in submissive. This slave was a very pretty, tall blonde woman who was easily sex feet tall in her 6″ heels. Sir M sat down on the couch and had his slave kneel down in front of the couch; her collar was on and he held her leash. I didn’t really understand how that works but I was just there to support my sexy cuckoldress.  Sir M told me to get him and his slave a drink so I went behind the bar to take care of their drink order . My wife came down stairs in a very sexy outfit and heels, stood in front of Sir M and modeled her outfit for him.

“How do you like my outfit, Daddie?”

Sir M said it was amazing. Sir M grabbed my wife’s hand and sat her down on the couch next to him – with that she said “Boi, come over here and take off my heels.” I brought back drinks for everyone and took my seat again behind our videocam.

While we chatted a bit Sir M told his slave to give my wife a foot massage. It was very erotic to see his sexy slave massage my wife’s feet and the first time I saw my wife being touched like that by another woman. I noticed Sir M had his hand up my wife’s dress as his slave massaged her feet and it was obvious my wife was in heaven; she was being double teamed and loving it! My wife looked over at me as I watched her interact with both Sir M and his hot slave and was told me to come over.

“Pull down your shorts and show daddie and his slave what i have you wearing.”

When I pulled down my shorts they saw that my wife had me wearing a pink g-string. Both were amused, but then she continued, “Now pull the g-string down and show them what is underneath.” I obeyed and Sir M and his slave saw that my wife had me in a penis cage; this was much more amusing and obviously so.

I then took my place behind the videocam.

Sir M now told my wife to take off her dress and get on all 4’s – he then led his slave by her chain up behind my wife and told her to get to work pleasuring my wife orally. He then unzipped is pants and pulled out his bbc and had my wife get to work on it. Sir M’s slave must have been doing a great job as the moans from my wife got louder and louder – I was starting to feel some disconfort from the cage is visually this was a very hot scene my wife enjoying this couple at the same time.

Sir M decided it was time to take my wife for himself and put his slave next to the couch so he could still hold her leash to keep her close. His cock was fully erect now and ready to test my wife’s willingness to take it all. He was making it clear that he wanted to give my wife  all of  his cock. As she moaned, his slave looked down and held my wife’s hand while i watched through the lens of our videocam. I could not help but feel helpless as I saw my wife’s legs and feet way up in the air completely giving herself to Sir M. He was going deeper and harder then i could ever do, but there was nothing I could do as I am her cuckold and I am lucky to be in the same room with her. Matter of face Sir M’s slave turned to me and asked me “Do you see how deep Daddie is getting into her?”

I admitted I did.

When he finally came after about an hour of physical banging Sir M asked me for another drink but said before I do come over here I have a job for you – Sir M had a rubber on but now that we was finished he took it off and gave it to me to dispose of. I did as he said.

This was only the first of 3 meetings so far.

I commend both jerseyhottie and her jerseyboy for sharing their cuckold marriage experience with us, but I did have to have her paddle his ass for failing to back up the higher quality images of this play, resulting in having to take images from the video his shot.

They wish to remain somewhat anonymous, as is understandable, so I cannot show her face, but I have seen her unedited and any man would be fortunate to own her or enjoy her.

You can expect to hear more from them – and from me regarding them in the future.