Why do some husbands become so excited by the reality of another man having equal or greater sexual privileges with his wife? It all comes down to our biology.

It’s In The Genes

[pullquote_left]Humans were never designed/intended to be monogamous beings. Marriage is an institution thrust upon us by religion to help create order and law in a time when we sorely needed it as a species.[/pullquote_left]

The development of genetics as a tool of research has also shown that most if not all of the species of mammals who were thought to pair (and by assumption) mate for life, in fact only pair for life. Our social structure was originally based on small groups or communities where social ranking was established through ritual, combat and instinctive traits.

Much like the social organization of wolves, our ancestors had a rigid behavioral system tied to the individual’s social rank and the perceived social rank of those within their immediate group. The male who becomes recognized by his group as their leader, becomes the alpha male and in these social organizations, it is then his role to protect the ‘family’ and have first right or even singular right of procreation with the females.

The remaining males instinctively support that right. The other males, the betas, have to compete with him for opportunities to have one of the females or try to catch a female when the alpha isn’t around to interfere.

Wives, when first approached about the idea of being enjoyed by someone else, often first assume that the husband has lost interest in her for this to interest him. This is quite untrue and quite opposite of the truth. In fact, it is the wife’s appeal to him and others that fuels the erotic appeal of sharing her.

Often starting with encouragement to dress sexier, the cuckold-to-be isn’t just wanting to enjoy her sexier look for himself, but instead,  expressing his desire to experience the beta role by encouraging his wife to choose an alpha male for herself…and for their marriage.

Alpha, Beta and the Gammas Who Love Them

Males, be they human or otherwise, aren’t born as ‘alphas’. An alpha becomes such by being recognized as such by his social group. When a wife chooses another male for his sexual prowess or assertive attitude, he is ‘promoted’ to being an alpha male within that social group (marriage). On an instinctive level, the husband accepts his role supporting the coupling of his wife and her alpha male. That’s not to say there isn’t still jealousy and conflict over the situation, but all the cuckolds I’ve known have felt this arrangement felt ‘strangely natural’ once they became comfortable that the marriage is solid and rather than being replaced, he is simply part of an expanding ‘family’.

Marriages experiencing this shift in roles and the ability to express themselves sexually in a more natural manner find much more to share in and intimacy will actually increase between cuckold and wife even as intimacy increases between the wife and her lover.

Partner Options Bring Role Options

Many of the qualities that make an alpha male appealing to women also make them less suitable as a marital partner, which leads back to why young women tend to date males doomed to disappoint them from a relationship standpoint – their role isn’t one of having a relationship – it’s a mating one.

In time, most women will mature and beging to appreciate the men who are still attractive to them, but perhaps not as attractive as the males they dated when younger. These males are those who have a higher chance of being a good partner and father to potential children. Women accept the compromise of a good husband and less than ideal lover because it’s what we are told to accept in terms of a wife/husband marriage.

In a cuckold marriage, the need for compromise doesn’t exist. A wife can enjoy the benefits, intimacy and support of a loving, supportive husband while inviting a lover into the marriage who matches her sexual needs much better. In this way, the couple becomes complete by more matching the biology that still runs our bodies despite what we’re taught to accept as our reality.

A hotwife marries for love and companionship and cuckolds for pleasure!

Physical Endowment Matters

[pullquote_left]The size, shape and thickness of the male organ is a visual and physical turn-on for women because the characteristics of a cock play an important role in a male’s mating effectiveness.[/pullquote_left]

First, we’ll talk about the glans – the head of the cock. The more pronounced the head is as compared to the shaft, the more effective the corona, the ridge around the rim of the cock head, will be in removing any competitor’s semen inside the female he’s mating with.

Second, I’ll mention how length matters: if I plant my seed deeper than a competitor can reach, then my odds of successfully mating are much higher.

Third, thickness: studies have long tried to establish the purpose of female orgasm. Some theorize it aids in semen retention. Recently I read a study that suggested that female orgasm helps change  the chemistry inside her, leaving it more accepting of that partner’s sperm, thereby helping the woman choose who her actual mate will be by who makes her orgasm.

I’m not saying that hotwives think consciously in this manner – quite the opposite – just as the desire to play a natural, beta role is often subconscious in a husband, the rules of attraction to certain males as a hotwife are also subconscious and based on our procreative instincts.

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