The Fucked Cuckold

Very little will reset the dynamics of a marriage faster than pushing your husband over the bed or some other piece of furniture – or better yet, using elements of bondage to ensure his compliance – and giving him a taste of what it is to be on the receiving end of a good fucking. To make sure he doesn’t pull away from you, consider tying off his balls to say the foot of the bed or some other immovable object within range. Who says a side order of  CBT can’t be enjoyed with your pegging entree?

With our societal norms and tendency toward homophobia (especially among males) such a practice is truly humbling for the cuckold. I do advise going slowly and gently – at least at first. What’s even worse for your boy is that this intrusion can actually stimulate him – to his utter horror. To his defense, it’s not that he desires being had this way, but a physiological reaction to stimuli that he can’t help. Of course, the more submissive cuckold will also respond well to the submissive expression inherent in such an experience.

This is simply one additional way to explore the dynamics of a D/s relationship within a marriage and as with many of the other aspects presented here isn’t something all couples will try or even find appealing in any way – and that’s just fine.

As with any toy play, be sure to clean and sanitize – both before and after.