The overt submission of a wife to her boyfriend is one of the most erotic and natural aspects of cuckolding.

Left we see a situation where many things are clear from just this one moment in time.

This beautiful wife is most likely also a mom, but has obviously made a commitment to keeping her body trim and appealing. She does so for herself and for her husband, but in my experience, a wife is much more likely to do so when actively dating.

  • Her figure is delicious
  • I especially adore the tan lines
  • She is shaved smooth; likely ¬†her boyfriend’s preference
  • She is collared: effective for bondage play, but much more valued to me as an outward symbol of her ¬†commitment to ownership
  • Stockings! Simultaneously decorating her sexy legs while also drawing natural attention to where they join
  • Risk: I’m guessing her husband took this picture while she was sent from one hotel room to another to make that cup of coffee for her Master.
  • It’s possible this was taken by a complete stranger in the few moments it took her to walk the hall.

Her expression leads me to believe she’s not bothered by being caught; perhaps this isn’t the first time she’s been tasked with displaying herself publicly as an expression of her submission to her boyfriend. Such tasks are not only a gift to the Dom, but are also an opportunity for the submissive wife to bask in her Dom’s pride and moreover, to exercise her cuckold’s submission to her.

Cuckolding is based on the gifts of submission. I call them gifts because each is like a separate bit of experience which can be enjoyed on its own as well as part of the whole. When the husband gives up his right to exclusive sex with her, it is a gift of trust, love and submission. A wife recognizes this gift by accepting it through welcoming another man inside her and even more significantly, into the marriage. A wife returns that gift most meaningfully by then combining her husband’s submission with her own and offering that gift to their Dom. In this way, the sexual, emotional and mental expressions of the lifestyle she then shares with her Dom are simultaneously experienced as gifts by both her Dom and her husband.

This is by far the most erotic and beautiful form of cuckoldry.

This dynamic is a very natural one even though it often seems the most extreme from the outside or for couples just starting out, it’s actually much closer to how we were biologically programmed to live together. For more of my opinion on that, read The Biology Of Cuckolding.