The Truth Detector in action.

My previous post, Truth Detector, highlighted the functional role a cuckold’s penis, regardless of size, can play in communicating truthful desires within a cuckold marriage or even within specific aspects of cuckolding. Today I demonstrate this use in a more physical context.

The obvious action, left, is the dark lover buried balls-deep in someone’s wife, but what’s important, from a lifestyle lesson aspect, is her cuckold’s swollen penis trapped firmly in her small hand (this is how we know how small he is). not only does this allow her to be physically connected to both men in her life, but having a hold of his organ this way allows her to feel, rather than see, what his Truth Detector has to say about her coupling.

When she responds physically to her lover’s deep penetration, her cuckold will feel it through the tightened grip on his erection. When her lover withdraws his cock from her only for her body to once again yield to it, she will then feel her cuckold’s excitement as it twitches and swells in her grip.

Sharing in the cuckolding experience is the cornerstone of successful cuckolding as a couple and any bull involved with couples needs to be aware of that and look for or build opportunities to enable his couple to share their coupling physically as well as verbally and emotionally.