A seed planted has begun to blossom.


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It’s been far too long since we’ve updated the community on tightknots k and h and their pursuit of the right guy to help them be complete as a couple.

I have good news; there’s a new bull in their lives. This post will introduce him, the developments in their relationship and show you what their first time together was like. There have been two more times since then, but we’ll present them one at a time.

Let’s Recap

For those of you new to the site or perhaps haven’t browsed much of the content, including the verified couples – shame on you! Back in May of ’13 I introduced k and h, collectively ‘tightknots’. You can click the link and catch up in a new tab or just continue reading.

Tightknots are an unmarried but wholly committed couple about to celebrate their fifth anniversary together. That, as you should know, is a major accomplishment for a couple in their 20s.

There really isn’t anything about her that isn’t sexually appealing. If any woman was intended to fully enjoy her sexuality, it’s this one.

Yes, this is the penis of a cuckold. You’re probably shocked that a male with 8″ of thick penis would be a cuckold, but if you’ve paid attention here you’ve already learned that this isn’t that uncommon in reality. Many cuckolds are larger than average and h isn’t the first cuckold of this size I’ve known.

The unique nature of her cuckold isn’t lost on k – she completely appreciates the mindfuck it is to have such a large organ available for her pleasure and choosing to deny it in favor of another.

Due to their living arrangements and attendance at University, k and h have been geographically separated the last couple of years and often only saw each other every other week. This sort of separation at this age is usually the end for relationships for couples at this age, but for k and h, it has brought them closer.

Though still not living together, their living arrangements have changed recently putting them close together again – it also puts her in close proximity to the new man in their lives.


A has been part of tightknots’ lives since early this year. In May, A and k had their first date. It was just the two of them; h was home alone with his erection.

on-her-wayOne thing that has always impressed me about k is she has always appreciated the need to help her boy manage his anxiety and she does and excellent job of involving him remotely. I know she enjoys teasing him, but I know she also understands and appreciates the sacrifce he makes to support her sexual adventure. I think this is a skill and habit developed by the nature of their geographic separation over the last couple of years, but it serves them very, very well in this lifestyle.

truth_detectedSome of you can appreciate what it’s like to wait at home for your beloved while she’s off on a date; you’re likely married. Imagine doing this not even married yet.

Shown left is the wet spot created by h’s needy penis as he contemplated his woman having a fuck date. As I understand it, she wasn’t even with A yet when this was taken – my guess is this was the state of his penis when she sent the pic above.

The sacrificial altar.


Okay, a bit melodramatic, but imagine being home waiting for her when she sends you this. Now imagine she’s expecting your penis to be restrained while she’s coupling in that very bed.

Now it’s time for h to lock away his penis to prevent any accidents while k is coupling with her new man.

Now it’s locked away and he receives these:

They have definitely induced a bit of suffering for h, but that sort of suffering is part of the experience for all cuckolds. It’s part of the gift they offer her – and him.

I spent a long time talking to both of them yesterday and k told me how good the sexual chemistry with A was from the very start. They’ve since been together two more times and the chemistry is definitely beyond sexual – there is also a personal attraction and chemistry of the sort needed for a bull to become a boyfriend. By the end of this month, they will be able to start dating quite regularly and I expect he’ll become a full-fledged boyfriend to her and assume responsibility for the lion’s share of her intercourse needs.

Oh, one last shot:


The cock that fucked and pleasured her & the evidence of their coupling spattered across her belly and breasts.

A job well done.

You may think I’m referring to A in regards to the “job well done” but I offer that to all three of them. This experience can’t happen, can’t be enjoyable without all three playing their role – especially the cuckold waiting at home with his penis suffering in chastity. I know that was especially difficult for him. I also know from personal experience that good sex becomes fantastic sex for the hotwife and the bull when there’s a cuckold playing his role. The mental and emotional catalyst the cuckold role creates must not be overlooked or lack proper credit due. I also know this to be true for k who confirmed that this wouldn’t be what it is without the support and love of her cuckold.