The Odyssey Continues

Back in May I brought you all the last update on k and J. They had a fiery fling over some months, but the great sex and corresponding cuckolding of h weren’t enough to overcome the reality that J was never going to embrace their lifestyle and take the role they would need him to, so, like any responsible cuckoldress, k let him go despite truly loving how his cock felt inside her.

Over the following months k has been focusing more on her studies and less on finding a replacement for J. Also during this time, h and k celebrated their 5th? anniversary, which for a young couple is notable of itself, let alone for a couple who have played so extensively in cuckolding.

Imagine sitting nearby that view at a restaurant and trying to focus on anything but that. Of course, it was the evening’s entertainment which was the true celebration and I can’t imagine any male with a pulse who wouldn’t entirely appreciate the appeal of k.

As much as their anniversary and holiday trips have been enjoyable for them (and binding as a couple), cuckolding is something they are now both drawn to. As with most couples, the motivations and appeal of cuckolding can vary from day to day and from experience to experience. For k, the appeal may sometime be more about the freedom to express herself as a woman, while at other times it may be about the mindfuck of enjoying another male inside her and lovingly rubbing her beloved’s nose in it. Literally. This dynamic landscape is what appeals to so many in this lifestyle but few couples reach this epiphany so early in life, let alone so early in a relationship.

Rubbing his nose in it…

Speaking of that, k has a new man and they recently had their first full date. This guy, C we’ll call him, has a background where cuckolding and swing aren’t new to him. And, this time, unlike most previous dates, h was present and uniquely involved in the date. Though not discussed, it seems h and C had some conversation between them ahead of their first meeting together.

After helping/watching k get dressed for her date, h blindfolded her, then without telling her, let C in to take his place.

Holy shit, right? Yes, it’s a bit risky on a first date, but as h put it, C was “highly recommended”.

Following their coupling, k had a good, long talk with her cuckold about what happened, and showed him the pics C had taken of his fucktoy for the evening. Then k enjoyed an equally long ride on h’s face, ensuring he applied sufficient tongue time where she and C had been joined. But, k wouldn’t allow him inside her – “It’s not yours tonight,” she told him.

That last shot has to be the one that h will wank to repeatedly for weeks to come. Beautiful pussy, is it not? This is the first time we’ve enjoyed such a delicious view and I have to say part of the charm is how eager she is for C to have his way with it.

She did let him wank all over himself, though. And that’s where the anxiety monster appeared. Perhaps because they’d had a break from this for a while, perhaps because h hasn’t been present/involved so directly that much once they progressed to cuckolding, but he did struggle with what happened. Between the last experience with J and, hopefully, his fear of having to tell me he let anxiety get the better of him after all the talk we’ve had on managing it, h found himself on solid ground fairly quickly and already teases himself with the potential of C in their lives.

With the anxiety issue, k and I have agreed that she should directly manage h’s orgasms after such events. This means that h won’t get to orgasm at all in such cases and will instead wait until the emotional edge of the situation has softened. This will be valuable conditioning for the approaching milestone of h and k cohabitating – which will drive up the intensity and likely also increase the frequency of cuckolding h. When this point arrives for them, h will have to start thinking of multiple weeks or months between opportunities to couple with the lovely k despite living with her and that will definitely require better management of his orgasms.