A pretty girl is always prettier when her mouth is full of cock.

The saying above typically is said, ‘…when her mouth is full of my cock’  but when it comes to a hotwife or hotgf in this case, I know for a fact h would agree she’s even prettier when her mouth is full of someone else’s cock like it is in the image above. There’s more to that story though as you’ll learn below.

Welcome to date three for k and A (date 1 link) (date 2 link). Having read through the updates for dates one and two (and having cleaned up your mess), you’re naturally left wondering how they could possibly have this level of chemistry after only a few dates. I have a few theories, like k and h already being established as a (pre-marital) cuckold couple and the random luck of A being attractive to her in ways previous lovers and h simply aren’t.


Look at that ass! Just had to point that out – not like you can overlook it.

I’ve had numerous cuckolds speak about the power of a kiss and how the intimacy of a passionate, extended kiss between wife and boyfriend can be just as intimate and more emotionally conflicting than seeing them coupled together. I know this is true for h and I can just imagine how his cuckold penis was crying cuckold tears at this sight.


Oral worship of the male phallus is a time-tested and bull approved method for someone’s true love to show another man her sexual devotion, but sometimes, as a Dom, you have to push that envelope a bit.

boundtosuckGo ahead, click on that image to see it larger. Is it the solid seal her mouth makes around his cock you want to see? Are you just curious about his cock, perhaps? Personally, aside from the beauty of a pretty girl in service, the posture and ponytail are very appealing for me.

Having her wrists bound forced her to focus more on using just her mouth and tongue to pleasure his cock and also created a posture that left her nipples tempting bits to pay attention to.

If you pay attention to detail, you’ll notice that in the first shot of her pleasuring his cock, she’s wearing a necklace but in the one above, she’s not. Ah – now there’s the rest of the story. If you look at the top photo of the post you’ll see that necklace wrapped around the base of A’s cock while k takes him as deep in her throat as she can. That’s a necklace h gave her very early in their relationship.


There we go: a better view of his cock thrust into her mouth and easier to see the gold chain wrapped around his shaft. It was k who asked h to remove it for her because it was in the way of her sucking her stud’s cock, but before h could respond, A slipped it off of her and wrapped the symbol of their relationship around the base of his cock. I have no way of knowing if he knew the significance of the chain or what it would mean to k and h to have it wrapped around his cock, but I can guarantee you it’s a sight h will never forget.


After a good sucking it’s time to check to see just how wet it makes her to suck a cock in front of h. It was also a good opportunity to spank that bottom a bit, so he did.


A then chose to tease her as she’d been teasing him in her mouth.I know your eyes are drawn to that plump nipple, but you see that mouth, dont you? The sheer ecstasy on her face.


It looks like she just couldn’t get enough of that cock in her mouth – she’s back at it again!

There’s no documentation of their coupling because h was so into being a witness to A’s cock exercising his beloved’s body, but I’ll throw in a shot like that from date two.


That’s beautiful, isn’t it? Their bodies merged at both end simultaneously. This was from their second date and was captured beautifully by her cuckold. I’ve left it at a large size – large enough that you could set it as your computer wallpaper, for example. I think h would likely pass out if he imagined dozens of you looking at their coupling that way every day. And honestly, that thought would surely make k all tingly in a special place, too.

You may notice that the venue for their latest date differs from the hotel used for dates one and two and that’s because this time, A fucked k in her own bed.

When A couldn’t hold it anymore, he had his fuckdoll kneel and blew a considerably huge load, according to h, all over k’s very pretty face. You’ll have to take my word for it that she’s a very pretty girl, but it’s entirely true that her looks could allow her to model if she chose to.

Ask h – he’ll tell you that she’s pretty – especially when A’s semen butters her face or breasts as it has before (below).


That’s it – go get cleaned up!