The saga of k & h with A continues with h getting to witness for himself the level of intimacy shared by k and the new male in their relationship.

My previous update A New Bull introduced A and retold the details of their first intimate date; below are the details of date #2.

You’ve all just seen the featured image – the one atop the page – which clearly shows k and A being intimate, but that’s not the point of this post; the point is how the journey to that moment was loaded in the moments a cuckold cherishes. Luckily for you all, some of them were documented and will be shared with you here.


Feeling her bull’s arousal for her has her touching herself already.



Notice how many ways their bodies are touching already. Notice how even with her pants still on she instinctively parts and raises them to give him better access.



Has anyone noticed how much they kiss? I have. I’m sure h has, too.

This is erotic to witness third-hand, but put yourself in her cuckold’s shoes. He was there to witness it. He documented it. Could you do that? Could you really handle being witness to not just her physical pleasure but also bear witness to their obvious bond as a couple?


Yep. That penis was locked up while h documented their bond. The contrast of their intimacy against his denial of even being fully erect is something to contemplate. When I’ve been in such a position with a couple I’ve always enjoyed encouraging her to look at her cuckold and speak aloud what she sees. We both know he can’t get hard, but asking her why he’s not and having her say aloud, “Because you told me to lock it up,” tends to cause an immediate response for us all, even if that’s not exactly how it came about.

What resonates with h about this pic, outside of his own penis being restrained for them, is the way the love of his life, k, is responding to A using her mouth to pleasure him. She’s eagerly sucking on him and running her tongue over his balls in a fashion h hasn’t experienced.

“A makes me feel truly sub to him, which is something obviously h doesn’t and I love that” -k

This isn’t the first time h has witnessed k with someone else – they got their start swinging (not clubs so much as discreetly with couples of their choosing) and she’s had a few other one or two-off experiences but as you can imagine, the level of intimacy between them changes the game entirely for them and for their cuckold.

“I have to say, the sexual chemistry with A is amazing and has come so naturally to both of us since we met” -k


I wonder if h can even count the number of times he’s wanked to this image. It’s not because he’s inside her, but how he’s inside her that counts.


Perhaps this one better spells out what he captured in that last shot; two people as one.

One more.


the post-coital cuddle; her sated body, his still thick but spent cock

Just before h captured this image of two lovers cuddling in their post-orgasm bliss, k crawled over to h and had him lick A’s copious load from breasts and belly, then returned to her lover to kiss and cuddle. This shot was taken after the fourth and final time h cleaned A’s passion from her in this fashion.


a shot A took for k to send to her cuckold during their first date shows you what h had to clean up

Geographic and schedule realities have made it difficult for A and k to see each other as much as they could/should. One issue that often plagues bulls who would otherwise gladly be more of a boyfriend is not feeling that role is welcome or that she could be his gf while committed to someone else. In this case, k could and would very much be A’s gf while still being h’s gf. Her (and his) needs are such that this would be the best outcome for them, but so far, A hasn’t been able or willing to take full advantage of k as both girlfriend and frequent sexdoll. Once that happens, I think h will be on a severely limited intercourse diet.

Tomorrow is date number four! At the risk of getting this story out of order, I’ll let you all see what k is going to wear on her date with A tomorrow. I know h has a leaking, twitching penis just thinking about her in public with him looking like this.