oblique_nude_editI want you to look at her.

I want you to slowly drag your eyes over that body and note the fullness of her natural breasts, savor the sculpted, utterly feminine shape of her belly and thighs. I want you to appreciate how everything about her invites the desire for coupling with her.

Now imagine this is your woman.

Now imagine this was taken in another man’s bathroom.

Now imagine knowing she is staying the night with him.

And…the next night, too.

What if I said he doesn’t even know you’re part of her life? Wouldn’t that entirely freak you out? That’s how it was for k and h until just recently. In fact, this pic of her was taken during their second date after she finally found the courage to spill the beans and tell him that she was in a relationship already.

I never really worried about their relationship being undone by this experience,  but his anxiety level, as you might imagine, was pretty off-the-charts at times. I reminded him of all the effort she makes to take selfies and secretively document her date every time she’s with him.

A woman whose only priority is the guy she’s slipping into bed with doesn’t take the time to document it like k does. I haven’t asked her, but I feel confident k chose to document this series of pics for h because she knew and appreciated how focused h would be on the fact that they would couple in this bed numerous times over the next two days. That sort of inclusion is a labor of love and expression of trust and communication that is at the core of a healthy cuckold relationship.

Granted, this was almost lost because k waited so long to tell her tinder hookup about the ‘other man’ in her life – the one she’s been a soulmate twith for five years now I think it is. At first it seemed they would enjoy one last marathon session of coupling and insemination and then go their separate ways, but the mutual attraction proved too strong.

I always advise couples to avoid treading too deeply into explaining the detailed dynamics of a cuckold relationship – it’s often too much to process for someone entirely new to the concept of a couple who shares. Instead, I encourage it to be explained as having a ‘deal’ or choosing to express their commitment to each other by not constraining them emotionally or sexually. They are just vague expressions that provide enough rationale for the bull to feel he’s a) not with a cheater and b) really doesn’t have to worry about a jealous lover looking for him in a dark alley.

I’m sure j was skeptical, but k has a lot of options in backing up her story. She could have selectively shared some of the text messages between herself and h, she could have told him the selfies she took of herself in his bed as he watched weren’t for herself, but something she sent to h. He wouldn’t have to ‘get it’ just yet to understand that h, for whatever reason, is a participant in this. I’ve been in that stage myself and know what it’s like to not want to look a gift hottie in the significant other, so to speak.


Since they don’t live together yet, k is often not with h when she’s getting ready for a date. As always, k keeps h involved (and in so doing enjoys an intimacy with him only possible through this sort of relationship) by letting him see what she’s wearing for her date. That’s a lovely view for her date, isn’t it? They went out for a bite to eat to start with, I believe. But, after sending him that, k decided it was important to be the girlfriend to j that j wants, so she sent him an updated pic. Hover your cursor over the pic to see what she did to silently communicate her date’s value to her.

This was a smart choice for several reasons: 1) it empowers her as a woman 2) it created very erotic tension for h and 3) it drew j closer to her by making such a choice simply to please him knowing he is a ( o )( o ) man – especially with her ( o )( o ).

The lovers spent the evening together, but didn’t couple – instead, they cuddled and talked about their relationship, her relationship with h, what it all meant. One might think h was disappointed that they weren’t making the beast with two backs, but he realized how intimate their evening was as a couple and felt just as cuckolded as if they had spent the night coupling.

I believe one of these is a post-coupling pic and the other is a good morning pic, but not sure which is which.

A notable mention is the fact that the robe is his robe.

Also notable: that fuckdoll body!

I’m sharing these two with you not because she’s displayed so nicely in them but rather because they prove the value her cuckold has to her in the enjoyment of her experience with someone else. One of her first thoughts after coupling with j is her cuckold and one of her first thoughts after waking up in j’s bed – also, her cuckold. This is why despite the tension, the anxiety, the intensity, I continue to be confident that these two people are meant for each other and meant for this lifestyle together.

Oh, one last thing: k and j have a date again tomorrow!