Edged, Denied, Cuckolded, Rewarded, Cuckolded

The above line sums up the experience h has had in the last couple weeks, including tonight.

About ten days ago, k returned home from being away for a couple of weeks – something work related, I believe. Fortunately for h, k met with him soon after getting back and demanded a thorough exercising of his tongue between her thighs.


large, but edged & denied

Then she edged him for a bit.

I’m sure h thought she was just drawing out the fun when she took her time edging him to the precipice of spurting once again.

It had been four weeks since h had enjoyed her (other) boyfriend, J. An overnight date was already planned for the very next day – something both had on their mind while k repeatedly edged her cuckold in her hand. I’m sure h had been thinking about being deep inside k every day she was gone, but alas, that was not to be. In fact, k not only refused him entry, but also refused him permission to orgasm at all.

So lovingly evil, but also entirely appropriate for her cuckold.

The following evening k and J had their date. As always, h waited and endured the aching of his testicles. Some cuckolds are unable to resist the urge to make themselves spurt while their woman is on a date, but h has learned to embrace the ache in his balls when k is dating. This is because he’s learned how much more painful the anxiety can be if he gives in to the temptation to relive that ache.

I  spoke quite a bit that night as the date progressed. Having waited two weeks to be inside his girl only to be denied further became intensified by not having heard from her in the usual time frame expected when she’s on a date. This is because unlike previous dates which had a long buildup to coupling, this one was more direct and they coupled twice and fell asleep together. To her credit, k awoke at some point and realized she hadn’t updated her cuckold and did so.

Following their two week separation, a date night (and morning) with J, which included coupling three times, h finally got to reclaim k when they took a brief holiday together.


It’s not difficult to appreciate why J couples with k repeatedly during their time together. Everything about k is perfectly suited to arousing males and creating the instinctive drive to be inside her as deeply and as often as possible. Despite that, k and h don’t often couple repeatedly that way because she gets too sore from that large, but cuckold penis h has. Ironic, isn’t it? She’s fucked more by someone else because the sex is more comfortable. I think she even described J’s cock as the perfect fit inside her.


date outfit tonight

My point to all that is despite their holiday together, I would wager that J has already spent more quality time inside k in the last couple weeks. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, k and h are closer than ever as a couple and I think the shot of them on the right lovingly demonstrates that. To further tilt the balance of orgasms enjoyed inside the lovely k even more in J’s favor, k is out on a date with him again right now.

My understanding is J just moved into a new place and k wants to be the first girl to fuck him in every room of the place. I think that’s going to happen, don’t you?