Who doesn’t like to see that lovely pair?

In this update I’ll publish some details of k’s recent Tinder date and how her attitude toward cuckolding her long-time bf, h, may mean much more of this in his future.

Much of k’s interaction with other males has been through swing-related venues and socializing where the ‘open’ nature of their relationship is known. Often these men haven’t known of the cuckold focus of the ‘open’ arrangement. With this date, k is taking a different approach by dating a new guy in the traditional sense. Yes, she used Tinder to make the connection, but it wasn’t a ‘hookup’ or ‘booty call’ sort of date. Rather, they spent an entire evening together by seeing a film and having dinner together before returning to his place to talk, cuddle, and get to know each other.


large, but still a cuckold’s penis

You can imagine the emotions her cuckold, h, was experiencing this whole time. I know firsthand because he was telling me about them. Not only was k approaching this date differently, but she now feels differently about dating and realizes now, and has verbalized her epiphany that h isn’t and cannot be enough for her sexually. This is a radical departure from her perspective over the last few years since their swinging turned to cuckolding and h became less and less able to satisfy her sexual needs in the ways he used to because he is now satisfying them in other ways as her cuckold. Given that h is physically not the stereotypical cuckold makes this turn of events even more meaningful and a valuable point of instruction for many other couples.


the truth shall set her free

As is very common for couples who become more active in the lifestyle, h has found his sexual stamina severely reduced. During their last coupling late last week, he managed only mid-single digits of intercourse time. This is obviously not what she deserves for intercourse, but does need in terms of empowerment. They have been together for 5+ years now which is a lifetime for a couple in their early 20s. She has seen h’s transformation from the best (and only) partner for intercourse she’s had, to being not the only, but still arguably the best, to no longer the best – or enough.

20160110095147The selfie k sent her cuckold from her new lover’s bed.

If I have my timeline correct, she took this already having a load of his semen inside her. That was unexpected detail for h which truly rocked him. He wasn’t expecting k to invite her new man inside her fully bare, let alone invite him to inseminate her, but that’s what happened. Three times.

201601100951472Taken in the morning after their third coupling.
Oh, and that’s his shirt she’s wearing, too.

I think h may have had both a heart attack and a spontaneous orgasm with this news and pic arriving on his phone and if this one didn’t do it, the next sure would have.

20160110104923Yes, k then slipped off her panties, or knickers across the pond, to show her cuckold how much of her new lover’s semen had already spilled from her.

I made sure to highlight to h the fact that she took great care to document this event for her cuckold while keeping it from her new stud. This demonstrates the appeal and importance his role in her life has. This is something important for aspiring and active hotwives alike to note and emulate.

I think it’s highly likely k will be seeing this guy again – and frequently if at all possible. We all agree that’s what she now needs.