Date 3 & 4 Update – plus a stern lesson for all.

In the last update it was discussed how k and J, we’ll call him, have been dating as a vanilla couple – that is, J has no idea she’s part of a relationship with h or that their relationship includes this lifestyle.


the bra she wore for J on date #3

It’s not uncommon for couples to begin with a new bull in this fashion for a few reasons:

  1. not wanting to complicate a situation that might not last long anyway
  2. having no idea what the reaction to it would be and not wanting to end it before it even begins

While this isn’t uncommon, letting things continue without clarification is a big mistake. With married couples the conversation comes about more naturally because the wife is wearing a ring (or rings), but with a pre-marital cuckolding couple, the cuckold is largely invisible and that’s where the problem arises.

They are now four dates into this, but each of these dates hasn’t just been a simple evening out and some bedroom play after. Each of these dates has been overnight and one of them, planned as an overnight, became that night, the next day and another overnight.

Holy shit, right?


k documented how J’s semen had leaked from her into her panties

Over the span of four ‘dates’ k and J have had the equivalent time and intimacy together of a few months of standard dates. And, I almost failed to mention, something about him that first night with him caused her to welcome him inside her bare and urge him to come inside her. Their bare sex has continued each time and because his cock is just long enough and just thick enough to fill her without being uncomfortable, they couple multiple times each time they are together.

In their time together, J and k have coupled roughly eighteen times. That’s eighteen times in just the past couple of months and all but two or three of his orgasms have been inside k.  Now you see how intense this is for h and how that level of anxiety can easily lead to crisis. Each successive date made it more difficult for k to broach the topic, but if it’s not done now, it will be essentially impossible for h to mange his anxiety and it will be grossly selfish of k to not uphold her end of the responsibility of having a cuckold.

To k’s credit, she has done a very good job of keeping her cuckold included even though J has no idea she’s doing it.


A woman who takes the time to sneak a picture of the couch she was just fucked on to send to her cuckold is absolutely thinking of him and wanting to help him manage his anxiety.

Late that night, h received more pics from k who managed to sneak them from J’s bed, freshly fucked yet again.


It was a long night for h – to help ensure he wouldn’t wank himself, he locked himself in his chastity.


It’s such irony that the cuckold in this scenario has the larger appendage, but because of that, k is often sore from their coupling. J’s cock can fuck her repeatedly without that soreness, so that’s what happens. I don’t expect h went to sleep still restrained like this and perhaps had himself a wank before he did, but he usually does well with waiting for her to share his arousal with k as he should.


One of my favorite shots of k taken the next morning for her cuckold while full of a fresh load from J.

This pretty much covers date #3 and date #4 only has one shot of k (and J) to share with you.


Following date #4, h and k had a bit of a holiday and had quality time to talk about and share in what had been happening and it was agreed that J would have to know the situation. Much was discussed about how to broach the topic with him, including a letter for him to read to avoid nerves making the conversation difficult.

Sadly, none of that mattered since k chose to simply break it off with J. It was expected they would part ways anyway since it was  a Tinder hookup to start with, but also because reality takes them in different directions and there might not be the proximity to each other to make continuing a relationship feasible.

But, that’s not the end of the story.

Recently I’ve heard that they’ve been in touch and J has expressed missing k – can’t blame him for that, right? And, as one might guess, k misses him (and his cock) as well – but she also misses their bond. Most interestingly, h also feels that their lives must include him now. I would say that is both despite and because of the sharp anxiety h experienced as k and J’s bond became evident. This proves the relationship as precisely the sort needed for h to feel cuckolded in the manner he craves.

Where does it go from here? I don’t know. Perhaps they don’t yet know either, but I’ll do my best to encourage them to form something new out of what was.


Moral of the story, kids? Yep, that’s right. Be open sooner.

The positive outcome of this experience for the couple is that h has learned he can be replaced sexually and still have a close, loving relationship with k while k has learned that she could make room in her bed and heart for a new man and still cherish what she has with h.