As I write this, she’s on a date once again.


wearing his shirt, his come inside her

Their first date night was documented here and began with an intimate dinner and lengthy time together at his place much as a vanilla first date would because as far as the guy knew, it was a traditional/vanilla date. Despite being arranged via Tinder, he took his time and didn’t treat it simply as a convenient hookup – which worked to his advantage with k – clearly. Once the intimacy began, k said it was well worth the wait and ended up staying the night once he made the offer.

Being approached as less a ‘kink’ and instead, treating it like the formation of a new relationship has definitely been a challenge for h and I’ve spent some time talking him off the proverbial ledge. I reminded him that k obviously had him and his needs in mind all during her date with her new man as evidenced by taking a selfie in his bed just to be shared with her cuckold (among other examples). Nonetheless, it was a tactical mistake to not be open with him early on about the nature of their relationship and lifestyle or to at least plan for introducing it once it was established that their coupling was going to continue. Now it’s gotten to a point where she’s too afraid to tell him and perhaps alienate him. Initially, this decision was justified because k will soon be returning to University and figures the relationship will just be ended then. I’m not so sure that’s the case and will be working with them to make a plan for bringing their situation to light with him. The good news is that he has had ample opportunity to value k and his access to her and that doesn’t have to change simply because he becomes aware of h. In this situation, h is an affirmed cuckold and that will mean h won’t be in the way of k spending quality, intimate time with her new guy.

To continue dating him without being open, beyond this point, would be unfair to both males in her life.

k-already-fucked-inseminatedTo the right is k the morning after spending the night with her new guy on date#2. From what I understand she didn’t put her top and bra back on just to take this picture for her cuckold. This is k documenting putting this back on for her bull because he liked how she looked in it.

It was expected that she was going to spend the night with him, but k ended up staying with him all day and overnight yet again. Now perhaps you appreciate the anxiety her cuckold was feeling.

I know you’re still looking at her. Can’t blame you, but consider that her new bull inseminated her six times during this date; another orgasm was greedily swallowed in her mouth. Good girl! Also, consider that her bull spent more time inside her in those 36 or so hours than h has been inside her in a month or perhaps three.

Though still a bit anxious, h is in a better place mentally and emotionally and is now counting the hours now that she’s with her bull once again.


This is what she wore for him. I received this from h only a few minutes ago, but given their history, this might already be on the floor. Unlike the previous dates, directly following this one, tomorrow morning, k and h will be together and be able to bask in the post-date rituals so important to cuckold couples. More on that in the next update.