The ever-lovely k is blossoming into a confident, more assertive hotwife – and she’s not even married yet!

In my last update for k and h, I told you all of their break and circumspection about this lifestyle and how they came to decide, as a couple, that this was indeed what they both wanted and needed as a couple. Life being what it is and their geographical separation still being what it is, k hasn’t been all that active in cuckolding h. Only a few weeks ago there was a date for k that h and I were looking forward to but the chemistry and spark weren’t present and sadly, k’s cute little sex didn’t get the exercise it needs and deserves.


Is the penis just that large or are those balls a bit pea-sized….?

In the introduction post for k and h it was demonstrated how this couple defies many of the expected stereotypes for a cuckold couple: both are in their 20s, they’re not married and h is rather well hung. But as readers here should know by now, a large penis just means there’s more to tease and makes the reality of ignoring it in favor of someone else more intense. This combination of factors is why I feel they make such important role models for other couples – especially those committed yet unmarried.

When I first began talking to k last year, I realized there were two sides to her – something not uncommon in women in this lifestyle. There was the k most people knew and there was the k she was when she was with h – when they attended swing parties together and/or she was shared with another male. I encouraged k to merge these identities and simply be the woman she wanted to be, not just the woman she was expected by others to be. While this was too challenging for her at the time, I’m happy to report that k is now heading very positively in that direction.

tightknots_k-bralessNot long after her disappointing date, k told h that she was largely done with wearing bras, something I had encouraged since last year. While she was perfectly happy to do so when going out, she still felt compelled to wear one for most activities and venues. As we can all see from above, k has a spectacular pair of breasts which are perfectly formed to never need the support of a bra. Wearing a top or dress which is open as this one is, is not only very feminine, but cut just deep enough to make it very unlikely she could be wearing a bra and this is what makes it far more sexy than the relatively limited amount of her breasts on display. Combined with their natural movement and her ability to show more or less of herself depending on factors like her posture, k is taking more control of her sexuality and communicating far more openly.

Being a young cuckold couple also presents other challenges: most young adults who don’t still live with their parents live with roomies – just a matter of practicality. This, like socializing with friends, can present serious complications when enjoying a lifestyle they may not comprehend or approve of. Last year, k and I talked extensively about how to handle dating situations where the best option for a comfortable, safe place to couple would be her own bed. The problem with that is she’s been living with her roomies a while now and will continue to for a while longer and they all know h has her boyfriend. This left k unsettled about them having the impression she is cheating on h when she brings dates or a different boyfriend home with her. Now h has found the will and perspective to value her needs and their desires as a couple over the judgement of others, including her roomies. Should k find someone she wants to date regularly (which is inevitable), she has now committed to being as open as necessary with her roomies regarding dating while still in a relationship with h. Bravo! This is not only the best course for k and h, but could very likely help one of her roomies or friends in accepting their own interest in such a lifestyle now or even years from now because they were exposed to a loving couple who were committed to each other in such a way.

tightknots_k-deep_cleavageThis is a picture of a how k recently dressed while going out with friends. This is something to take note of because it’s markedly more provocative than she would have worn when socializing locally with friends – this used to only be datewear. This demonstrates her attitude shift and also greatly increases the likelihood of her finding a local boyfriend she can make first her life, sexually.

Again, there’s no way for her to wear a bra under such a top and there is little in the world sexier than a beautiful woman who is confident in herself and her appeal in this way.

I hope to be updating you all again soon with even better news!